Performance Report: Egypt: MAGNOSTAR Tools Clear Way for Completion in Offshore Milling Operation

Challenge: After setting a whipstock, the operator wanted to sidetrack a well with a window milling operation. It was critical to collect the metal debris generated during this milling operation, thereby preventing it from being strung out along the hole. Removing all the debris was essential for the success of future runs to install the re-completion equipment.

Solution: The M-I SWACO SPECIALIZED TOOLS group recommended a specially designed milling assembly made up of the window mill, heavy-weight drill pipe, drill collars, and six M-I SWACO MAGNOSTAR magnets. The MAGNOSTAR magnetic tools are high-capacity swarf-collection assemblies, designed to capture ferrous material inside its blades, thus preventing it from being dislodged from the tool during high circulation rates and tripping out of the hole.

Result: The MAGNOSTAR magnets were run in two assemblies of three tools each. The two assemblies collected a combined 156 kg (343 lb) of debris, thus clearing a path for the future assembly of the completion hardware. The company representative on board was very satisfied with the performance of the tools compared to previous equipment used on similar operations.

Well Information
Location Date Mud Weight Casing size Milling window depth Tools utilized
Offshore Alexandria, Egypt July 2010 11.3 – 11.5 lb/gal
(1.36 – 1.38 sg)
10 ¾-in.
and 9 ⅝-in.
1525 m (5002 ft) 6 x 9 ⅝-in.

Once the window was successfully milled, the first milling assembly was pulled out of the hole. When the assembly reached the surface, it was inspected for damage and cleaned. The total weight of all debris collected on the first three tools was 99 kg (218 lb). The second assembly of MAGNOSTAR tools was also inspected for damage, cleaned, and the debris weighed. The lower assembly collected 57 kg (125 lb) of metal, making a combined total of 156 kg (343 lb).

Assembly Model Number Field Recovery Type of Debris Run Type
1 3x MSTAR 103 99 kg (218 lb) Metal (Dry) Window Milling
2 3x MSTAR 103 57 kg (125 lb) Metal (Dry) Window Milling
Total 156 kg (343 lb)

Download: Egypt: MAGNOSTAR Tools Clear Way for Completion in Offshore Milling Operation (0.52 MB PDF)

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"A total of 156 kg (343 lb) of rough swarf was recovered by the 9⅝-in. MAGNOSTAR tool assemblies. The company man was very impressed with the volume of metallic debris recovered on surface.”
Douglas Crouch
Tool Technical Supervisor