Case Study: CLEAN SPOT Spotting Fluid Releases Stuck Casing, Avoids Sidetrack

Challenge: The operator was running 16 in. surface casing when the string became stuck at 760 m (2,494 ft). After establishing circulation, the operator cut the mud weight back to 10.8 lb/gal (1.2 s.g.), but was unsuccessful at freeing the casing.

Solution: After several attempts at spotting various pills, M-I SWACO recommended the Clean Spot pipe-freeing agent. The pipe-freeing agent is a low-toxicity spotting fluid that has proven highly effective in environmentally sensitive onshore and offshore applications.

Result: A 90 bbl of 10.8 lb/gal, Clean Spot pill was spotted around the casing shoe. The vibrating unit was rigged up and the casing was worked free.

Download: CLEAN SPOT spotting fluid releases stuck casing, avoids sidetrack (0.10 MB PDF)

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