Case Study: Synergistic Approach, New BREAKDOWN HD Credited With Flawless Filter Cake Removal

Challenge: The Serrette project comprises wells with relatively short open-hole production intervals varying from 150 to 500 ft, but also contains extremely high permeability rock ranging from 1 to 3.5 Darcy. Owing to the extreme permeability, the reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) had to be engineered to limit fluid invasion and formation damage.

Solution: After a series of tests, Schlumberger and M-I SWACO concluded that the new Breakdown HD system had the best chance of minimizing the interaction with the divalent brine system and would retain adequate breaking power to effectively removal the filter-cake and maximize productivity.

Result: According to the operator, the execution and performance of the entire OHGP operation was “flawless”. The synergistic approach resulted in the final mixing and pumping process proceeding with no issues and zero non-productive time (NPT).

Download: Synergistic approach, new BREAKDOWN HD credited with flawless filter cake removal (0.27 MB PDF)

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“Because of the flawless performance of the new BREAKDOWN HD system in this open hole gravel pack operation, the operator has decided to use the technology in the remaining OHGPs in the Serrette development.”
Bala Gadiyar
SMS Fluid Technology Manager, Houston