Performance Report: DURAFLO D500-C Flat-Panel Replacement Screen Reduces Screen Replacements 60% vs. Competitor’s OEM in Southwest Oklahoma

Challenge: A rig in southwest Oklahoma was selected for head-to-head screen performance and efficiency testing of a competitor’s corrugated screen to our patented DURAFLO D500-C flat-panel replacement screen. The selected platform was equipped with two Derrick-brand D503 rig-owned shale shakers via Derrick. After visual inspection, M-I SWACO ran a comprehensive motion analysis test on both shakers to evaluate the G-force and motion type using VSATT computer analysis. VSATT analysis showed an in-depth view of shaker performance in regard to accepted standards of operation. Additionally, it allows shaker specifications to be benchmarked and normalized for fair, unbiased screen comparison. VSAT testing confirmed shakers were operating according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Solution: The rig, located in southwest Oklahoma was in spud phase, utilizing an 8.8 PPG WBM. Given the nature of the drilled formation, an API 140 version of the flat-panel screens in XR mesh was recommended. These screens were tested in a side-by-side comparison with the competitor’s corrugated OEM screen, also bearing an API 140 designation. Testing proved the D500-C replacement screens provide better separation efficiency and screen life compared to the competitor’s corrugated-panel design. Data also showed that the D500-C replacement screens were able to handle flow capacities similar to that of the competitor’s OEM with better quality liquid returns.

Result: The D500-C replacement screens proved to be more efficient in handling the 8¾” section with an average ROP of 66 ft/hr and average flow rate of 392 GPM using a low density 8.8 PPG WBM. While matching flow capacity and cuttings dryness, the D500-C replacement screens exhibited a discard rate of 130% greater than the competitor. Test data also showed that while D500-C replacement screens processed more solid cuttings, and maintained better separation efficiency. The quality of the liquid stream is a key performance indicator in screening efficiency. The D500-C replacement screens were shown to have processed finer solids as indicated by a particle size analysis of the liquid returns stream. The flat-panel design, which eliminates the “horseshoe effect” and solids bypass, allowed for a particle size reduction of 20% in the liquid returns, showing a cleaner mud being returned to the system. ID500-C replacement screens discarded an order of magnitude of more lb. of cuttings/hour, as a testament to the durable, composite flat panel design, screen failure replacements were reduced 60%.

^ Derrick and FLC 500 are marks of Derrick Corporation

Download: Performance Report: DURAFLO D500-C Flat-Panel Replacement Screen Reduces Screen Replacements 60% vs. Competitor’s OEM in Southwest Oklahoma (0.18 MB PDF)

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DURAFLO Screen Reduces Screen Replacement by 60%

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