Performance Report: West Kuwait: FAZEPRO and FAZEBREAK Systems Increased Well Productivity

Challenge: In Kuwait, the operator requested Non-Aqueous Reservoir Drilling Fluid (NARDF) to be used in horizontal drilling of the 8 1/2” and 6 1/8” reservoir sections in the first dual lateral well that would be completed with inflow control devices (ICDs) and swell packers. A NARDF was required to overcome problems encountered by the reactive shale layers found in the sand reservoir. Due to the completion style and the tight tolerances of screens required, the drilling fluid would require a filtercake that could be easily removed without the use strong acid/solvent treatments which could potentially damage the MESHRITE ICD sand control screens.

Solution: M-I SWACO recommended the FAZEPRO mud system and FAZEBREAK filtercake breaker system to address these challenges. The FAZEPRO Reservoir Drill-In Fluid (RDF) system combines the drilling advantages of an invert emulsion base system (low fluid loss, unrestricted rate of penetration (ROP) and excellent wellbore stability) with the benefits of a water-base system (a filtercake easily removed through dispersion and dissolution with gentle chemistry to avoid completion assembly damage).

The FAZEBREAK system uses chelant technology to reverse wettability of the FAZEPRO filter cake and disperse and dissolve solids. It has a near-neutral pH, approximately 5 to 7, and thus low corrosion rate that is fit for purpose in this case to maintain the integrity of the MESHRITE sand control screens.

Based on the data obtained from the offset core analysis done by M-I SWACO Houston lab the FAZEPRO mud was formulated and tailored by the use of the M-I SWACO OPTIBRIDGE software to optimize the selection of the bridging particles in order to have engineered filtercake to minimize formation damage.

A return permeability test was run with the FAZEPRO and FAZEBREAK systems on the core sample resulting in a good return permeability and only 5.6 psi required for flow initiation pressure.


  • Successfully drilled the two horizontal reservoir sections 8 1/2” and 6 1/8” holes.
  • Good hole cleaning was achieved without pumping sweeps, hole cleaning was simulated by M-I SWACO VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS software.
  • Caliper Logs showed gauge holes with average hole size 8.65” for 8 1/2” section and 6.38” for 6 1/8” section.
  • The MESHRITE ICD sand control screens were run in the 8 1/2” section with 26 swell packers of 8.2” OD and in 6 1/8” with 16 swelling packers of 5.85” OD.
  • The production rate exceeded the operator expectation by 52% for the 8 1/2” mother bore and 73% above expectation for the 6 1/8” lateral section.
  • The operator requested M-I SWACO plan for the use of a FAZEPRO/FAZEBREAK system in all upcoming similar wells.

The 8 1/2” mother hole and 6 1/8” lateral hole were horizontally drilled with GEOPILOT assembly using 9.6 lb/gal (1.15 s.g.) FAZEPRO mud system of O/W = 60/40 - 65/35. The mud system showed excellent wellbore stability while drilling, connections and tripping. The hole cleaning was monitored and determined to be excellent thus no sweeps were pumped while drilling the two sections. The mud rheology was maintained in the range of 22-28 100 lb/ft2 for YP, 12/21 - 16/25 100 lb/ft2 for Gels (10 secs/10 mins), 6 rpm reading was always over 10. The two sections were drilled at controlled ROP 25-30 ft/hr (7-9 m/hr) for log quality purpose.

While drilling the two sections a mud sample was collected every 100 ft (30 m) drilled and sent to the M-I SWACO lab in Kuwait to check particle size distribution (PSD) in order to maintain the bridging to minimize formation damage.

The MESHRITE ICD sand control screens along with the swelling packers were run smoothly to section total depths in solids free fluids (9.6 lb/gal (1.15 s.g.) KCl brine inside the casing and 9.6 lb/gal (1.15 s.g.) solids free FAZEPRO mud in the open hole), the solids-free FAZEPRO mud had been tested using the Production Screen Tester to ensure not plugging the MESHRITE screens.

To clean up the FAZEPRO filter cake, 9.6 lb/gal (1.15 s.g.) FAZEBREAK of pH= 5.5-5.6 was formulated and pumped across the ICD screens/ open hole annulus, then the well was completed with a smart completion. The well was tested for production, the clean-up process took a few hours and the production rate exceeded expectation.

Download: West Kuwait: FAZEPRO and FAZEBREAK Systems Increased Well Productivity (0.35 MB PDF)

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“FAZEPRO and FAZEBREAK systems helped the operator to successfully drill and complete first dual lateral well completed with ICDs-Swelling Packers in Kuwait.Production Rate exceeded the operator expectation.”
Mohamed El Banna
M-I SWACO Project Engineer

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