Performance Report: FLOTHRU System Provides Safer, More Economical Completions in Western Canada

Challenge: The operator changed their standard operating procedures, resolving to not use snubbing units during completion operations due to safety issues. The Fahler A & B formations are abnormally pressured production zones above the normally and sub-normally pressured Fahler C thru F producing formations.

Solution: After completing the lower Fahler formations and setting a packer, the Fahler A and B formations were perforated and production tested. FLOTHRU system-based completion brine with a density of at 11.3 lb/gal (1,350 kg/m3) was pumped to kill the well. Completion operations took place under overbalanced conditions. After completion operations the wells were underbalanced to begin production. No further stimulation was required.

Result: Four wells were completed in this manner by the operator using FLOTHRU kill/completion fluid. The operations were completed safely without the additional risk of working with a snubbing unit. The pre- and post-production tests showed no appreciable reduction in volume or pressure in any of the four wells completed using the FLOTHRU fluid. The operator reported that costs were significantly reduced, averaging 37.43% less for the wells completed using the FlOTHRU system versus the previous snubbing unit completion practices. Two factors were specifically noted by the operator: average days to complete the Fahler A and B formations were reduced to four days from six days and the absence of snubbing unit direct and indirect costs.

The FLOTHRU fluid was specifically designed for these applications. Calcium chloride brine along with the THRUCARB additive provided the density at 11.3 lb/gal (1,350 kg/m3). The API fluid loss was maintained below 5 mL/30 minutes. The fluid was premixed in the mud plant and delivered to the service rig to reduce the logistics and time required at the wellsite. Due to excellent weather conditions and operational timing the FLOTHRU fluid from the third well was re-used on well number 4, again reducing the operator’s costs.

The operator has also chosen to use the FLOTHRU system as a reservoir drilling fluid in two other fields.

Download: FLOTHRU System Provides Safer, More Economical Completions in Western Canada (0.44 MB PDF)

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