Case Study: FORM-A-SQUEEZE cures on bottom losses in the Shauiba Formation

Challenge: While drilling ahead and approaching total depth in the production well, the operator encountered severe losses at 3,072 m TD/TVD in the Shauiba Formation. The losses were monitored and reported to have peaked at 60 bbl/hr static and 100 bbl/hr dynamic, thus forcing the operator to cease drilling and concentrate on curing the losses.

Solution: M-I SWACO ALPINE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS recommended the operator employ its high fluid loss FORM-A-SQUEEZE lost circulation pill on bottom where the losses were suspected of occurring. When properly mixed, spotted acorss the loss zone, and squeezed into the formation FORM-A-SQUEEZE has been shown to be an excellent solution to avoid additional non-productive time (NPT) associated with down hole losses.

Result: FORM-A-SQUEEZE effectively eliminated the losses and sealed off the suspected on-bottom thief zone and allowed the operator to drill ahead with no fluid-related problems.

Download: FORM-A-SQUEEZE cures on bottom losses (0.10 MB PDF)

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