Case Study: impaCT Service Removes 11.5 bbl of Debris and Eliminates 95% of the Circulating Volume

Challenge: Remove solids from the production tubing of two wells in the Eagle Ford Shale.

Solution: Utilize impaCT integrated wellbore preparation service from M-I SWACO to perform cleanout operation.

Result: Removed 11.5 bbl of solids from well and saved 2½ days and approximately USD 96,000.

Cleaning out the tubing and casing

Two producing wells on a pad were sanded out, which reduced the flow of oil and limited production. After tagging at a fill depth of 8,607 ft and getting stuck while recovering a minimal amount of fracturing sand from the production tubing with slickline, the customer decided to perform a cleanout in the production tubing using 1¼-in coiled tubing. To remove debris from the production tubing and the cased hole with the coiled tubing, a fluid with excellent carrying capacity and suspension was needed.

Typically, KCl brine with intermittent hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) sweeps for hole cleaning is used for this type of operation. However, sweeps are ineffective when cleaning this type of well. The combination of a low pump rate, no pipe rotation, deviated hole, and poor low-end rheology of the fluid would result in a packoff while inside the production tubing.

Combining technologies for streamlined coiled tubing operations

The customer chose to deploy the impaCT service for seamless cleanout operations. The service incorporates three technologies—the POWERPRO CT intervention fluid system, CT MAGNOSTAR coiled tubing magnet, and PRESSURE AND FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PFMS) unit. The POWERPRO CT system offers high low-end rheology, thermal stability, and excellent carrying capacity at low annular velocities. Wellbore simulations showed that the POWERPRO CT system induced a pressure of 8,700 psi at 1 bbl/min compared with pressures greater than 10,000 psi at 1 bbl/min with 2% KCl brine.

The CT MAGNOSTAR coiled tubing magnet removes large ferrous debris particles generated during coiled tubing cleanouts. The PFMS unit provides pressure control, fluid circulation, mixing capability, and solids control equipment to separate recovered debris.

Saved 2 1/2 days, USD 96,000 with an integrated system

The closed-loop PFMS unit allowed both jobs to be performed with a small amount of fluid—200 bbl on Well 1 and 150 bbl on Well 2 instead of the typical 2,000 to 3,000 bbl.

The combination of POWERPRO CT system and the PFMS unit allowed the customer to clean out 1,000 ft of the tubing into the casing with coiled tubing. This drastically reduced the typical cost for this type of operation, which conventionally entails utilizing a workover rig, removing the production tubing, cleaning the well, and replacing the production tubing. Cleaning out 1,000 ft past the production tubing extends the amount of time between cleanouts after fracturing sand entered from the formation while producing the well.

Almost 12 bbl of solids were removed from the tubing and casing between the two wells—5.5 bbl from Well 1 and 6 bbl from Well 2. Comparing the expenses of performing the traditional method to the coiled tubing method of a cleanout show a significant cost savings for the customer. An operation with a typical pulling unit requires 4 days to rig up, rig down, and run the project. The coiled tubing operation requires only half the cost of a conventional pulling unit operation and can rig up, rig down, and run the project in 1½ days. This is a cost savings of approximately USD 96,000 per well.

Well 1 data Well 2 data
Plugback TD at 19,025 ft Plugback TD at 18,526 ft
5 1/2-in casing to 18,989 ft 5 1/2-in casing to 18,512 ft
2 3/8-in production tubing
to 11,439 ft
2 3/8-in production tubing to 11,508 ft

Download: impaCT Service Removes 11.5 bbl of Debris and Eliminates 95% of the Circulating Volume (0.17 MB PDF)

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