Performance Report: KLA-SHIELD Performs Well in Difficult Wells in Ecuador

Challenge: Several operators in Ecuador wanted to improve their drilling performance in the 12 ¼ in. and 8 ½ in. sections of their wells because frequently these sections are highly reactive clays. Frequent interruptions and NPT were common problems.

Solution: The KLA- SHIELD water-base system provides shale stabilization and reduces the swelling of sensitive shales and drill cuttings exposed to water-based drilling fluids. To use it to full advantage, linear swellmeter tests were conducted to determine the optimum concentration for obtaining high drilling performance while drilling the troublesome drilling the 12 ¼ in. and 8 ½ in. sections.

Result: Among other improvements, the KLA-SHIELD system increased ROP and significantly reduced NPT. So far, it has been used in 35 wells and has also reduced torque and drag while minimizing trip time and reducing wash-outs.

Download: KLA Shield Performs Well in Difficult Wells in Ecuador (0.71 MB PDF)

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“The Kla-Shield system continues to be a success in Ecuador, with good inhibition in reactive clays and shales. Drilling performance is on the rise and NPT is down significantly.”
Juan Vera
Drilling Manager
Andes Petroleum, Ecuador