Performance Report: China Well Exceeds Production Rates with LUBE-167

Challenge: After drilling the 8½-in. production interval to 9,167 ft (2,794 m) measured depth/4,741 ft (1,445 m) true vertical depth and successfully completing a wiper trip, the FLOPRO NT system was displaced to a FLOPRO SF system. Subsequently, the standalone screen completion assembly was picked up and run into the hole. As a result of the limited hook load of the rig, the weight of the completion assembly, and the co-efficient of friction between the completion assembly and the openhole, the completion assembly became stuck at 8,674 ft (2,644 m). It was a challenge to treat the fluid with a lubricant that would not interfere with an EDTA/enzyme filter-cake breaker system.

Solution: A pill containing 5% LUBE-167 lubricant mixed in 100 bbl of the FLOPRO SF fluid system was spotted in the open hole/screen annulus in an attempt to free the screen and completion assembly.

Result: The completion assembly was positioned on bottom without any problems and the well was displaced to a 9.5 lb/gal KC1 fluid; an EDTA/enzyme filter-cake breaker system was spotted across the openhole/screen annulus. Not only did LUBE-167 lubricant aide in freeing the pipe, it did not interfere with the EDTA/enzyme treatment. Production rates from this well exceeded expectations, and for this operator, LUBE-167 lubricant is being used on all wells experiencing hook loads while running the completion assembly.

Well Information
Location Bohai Bay, China
Operation Running completion assembly
Rig type Platform rig
Reservoir drill-in fluid FLOPRO NT
Completion fluid FLOPRO SF
Density of brine-base completion fluid 9.0 lb/gal KC1 (1,078 kg/m3) (filtered)
Completion type Open hole, standalone screen
Filter-cake breaker type EDTA/enzyme
Fluid weight 9.5 lb/gal (1,138 kg/m3)
Water depth 164 ft (50 m)

After the pill containing LUBE-167 lubricant was spotted, the completion assembly was pulled free and out of the hole. Prior to running-in-hole with the completion assembly, a wiper trip was initiated. While going to bottom the bottom hole assembly became stuck at 8,779 ft (2,676 m). A pill containing additional LUBE-167 lubricant was spotted across the openhole and was subsequently pulled free. Once on bottom, the hole was displaced to a new FLOPRO SF system with 3.0% LUBE-167 lubricant.

FLOPRO NT Formulation
Water 0.88
KC1 (lb/bbl) 27.00
FLO-VIS PLUS (lb/bbl) 1.20
DUAL-FLO (lb/bbl) 6.00
KLA-STOP (vol/vol) 3.00
HKD-1 (lb/bbl) 0.35
Carb 10 (lb/bbl) 3.00
Carb 20 (lb/bbl) 3.00
Carb 40 (lb/bbl) 20.0
Carb 250 (lb/bbl) 24.0

FLOPRO SF Formulation
Water 0.88
KC1 (lb/bbl) 41.00
NaC1 (lb/bbl) 41.00
FLO-VIS PLUS (lb/bbl) 1.75
KLA-STOP (vol/vol) 3.00

Download: China Well Exceeds Production Rates with LUBE-167 Lubricant in Standalone Screen Completion (0.45 MB PDF)

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“Due to the limited hook load on the rig the standalone screen completion assembly was temporarily stuck while running-in-hole. The addition of LUBE-167 lubricant to the solids-free reservoir drill-in fluid allowed the stuck assembly to be pulled free, saving a costly fishing job.”
Mark Dick
Bohai Bay Project Manager