Case Study: Norway: Cable Clamp Fishing With A 9 5/8” MAGNOSHOE Tool Makes Life Easier

Challenge: On a well in offshore Norway, it became apparent that a cable clamp had been lost downhole, and fishing was required before further completion operations could continue.

Solution: M-I SWACO Specialized Tools suggested running in with one 9 5/8” (8 1/4” OD) MAGNOSHOE end-of-string magnet tool and two 9 5/8” MAGNOSTAR string magnets to remove the cable clamp and any residual debris in as few runs into the well as possible.

Result: In only two magnet runs into the well, all cable clamp pieces were retrieved

On the first run, the operator pulled out of the hole with the fish retrieved, apart from one piece of the clamp. Fishing tools needed to be run in hole (RIH) to fish out the last piece on the second run. See photo below showing complete clamp and ”pieced together” clamp.

Download: Norway: Cable Clamp Fishing with a 9 5/8” MAGNOSHOE tool makes life easier (0.32 MB PDF)

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“The MAGNOSHOE tool fished the lost items in the well, including a large amount of swarf. The tool proved to be efficient, fishing magnetic lost items and will be evaluated for potential similar future operations.”
Mrs. Inger Kjellevold
Drilling Superintendent