Performance Report: High-Capacity MAGNOSTAR Magnet Released into Brazil Market with Immediate Customer Satisfaction

Challenge: An operator in Brazil required a clean-up run to scrape the packer setting depth, dress the Production Casing & Marine Riser in preparation for an open hole Gravel Pack Completion. The key objective was to complete the operation as a single trip system while at the same time not compromising the effectiveness of the Wellbore clean-up operation.

Solution: To address client needs, two recently developed 9-5/8-in. MAGNOSTAR high-capacity magnet tools were run in hole along with the RAZOR BACK scraper, WELL PATROLLER downhole filtering / validation tool on the main pre-gravel pack completion clean-up. A PUP Riser Brush tool was also run to condition the Marine Riser in the clean-up string. The 9⅝-in. MAGNOSTAR magnets were utilized due to their large debris collection capacity comprising 45 fully encapsulated high capacity magnets. Crucial also in their selection was their large fluid bypass -adjustable according to specific flow path requirements.

Result: During the very successful clean-up run the two MAGNOSTAR tools collected 19 kg (41 lb) of ferrous metal debris. The debris was generally small in size with some larger slivers also present. The operator was exceptionally pleased with the high ferrous debris retrieval compared to previous jobs and requested these tools be run on any future work of this nature.

Well Information
Location Tool type Well clean-up
measured depth
Clean-up string Completion Fluid
Offshore Brazil 9-5/8-in. MAGNOSTAR Debris
Recovery Magnet Tool
11,515 ft (3,510 m) RAZOR BACK*, MAGNOSTAR,
1.13 sg (9.4 lb/gal )
NaCl / KCl Brine

Download: High-Capacity MAGNOSTAR Magnet Released into Brazil Market with Immediate Customer Satisfaction (0.52 MB PDF)

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"The 9⅝-in. MAGNOSTAR magnet tool augmented the existing SPECIALIZED TOOLS debris recovery string perfectly. Our client requested that the tool be included on all future applicable cleanup runs”
Ian Clarke
Specialized Tools
M-I SWACO, South America