Performance Report: France: After Sterling Debut MAGNOSTAR Clean-up Combo Has Bright Future

Challenge: Owing to a connection problem between the tubing and the annulus, the operator was forced to re-establish the integrity of the well with a work over operation. The procedure required changing tubing and requiring an efficient casing clean-up with scraper and magnet.

Solution: Because of the high volume of ferrous debris in the wells, the Wellbore Productivity (WP) group of M I SWACO recommended the new MAGNOSTAR tool to meet the operator’s specific requirements, The tool possess a very high ferrous material capacity and would be run in hole in combination with a PUP tool containing two brushes and two scrapers. The large flow path without any flow restriction around the tool was an important consideration in the selection. Further, the MAGNOSTAR magnet is easily cleaned on location, thus permitting multiple runs with the same tool.

Result: The clean-up tool combination removed a total of 22 kg (48 lb) of ferrous debris on the initial clean-up run. A quick follow-up run verified the wellbore was free of debris after the initial clean-up as only a small amount of debris was recovered. The operator was very pleased with the efficiency of the MAGNOSTAR tool and its capacity to remove an extremely high volume of ferrous debris compared to other magnets in previous jobs. The operator mentioned that MAGNOSTAR tool would be run on any future work of this nature.

Well Information
Location France onshore Tool type
Well Clean Up measured depth 2530 m (8300 ft)
Clean-Up string MAGNOSTAR, PUP (two brushes and two scrapers)
Completion fluid Inhibited water

A first run to scrape 7-in. casing from 1569 m to 4099 m (5146-13445 ft) was performed and each joint was scraped three times while circulating at an average rate of 1200 l/min and rotating the string at 30 RPM. A total of 22 kg (48 lb) of debris was collected.

The magnet combination was used for a quick second trip and, because of the large amount of ferrous debris extracted on the first run, the follow-up assured the well was clean. Only a minor amount of ferrous debris was recovered on the second trip.

Download: France: After Sterling Debut MAGNOSTAR Clean-up Combo Has Bright Future (0.47 MB PDF)

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"The 7-in. MAGNOSTAR tool dramatically improves the efficiency of casing cleanup operation collecting huge amount of ferrous debris that would have impacted production with less formation damage.”
Benoît Allias
WP Business Development Manager