Performance Report: A Star Is Born!

Challenge: An operator in Norway required a clean-up run to scrape the packer setting depth, dress the polished bore receptacle and condition 1.25-SG (10.4 lb/gal) oil-based mud in preparation for an inflow test. During the run, the objective was to perform the (negative) test, capture existing and created debris in the well within the recovery tools and displace the OBM system to 1.03 SG NaCl packer fluid.

Solution: To address client needs, the recently developed 7-in. MAGNOSTAR high-capacity magnet tool was run-in-hole along with the RAZOR BACK scraper, WELL COMMISSIONER inflow test tool, MAGNOSWEEP magnet and WELL PATROLLER downhole filtering tool in the clean-up string.

Result: During the clean-up run the MAGNOSTAR tool collected 6 kg (13.2 lb) of ferrous metal debris. This debris was generally small in size although larger slivers up to 6 in. (152 mm) in length were present. The two 9 5/8-in. MAGNOSWEEP tools (shown below) collected 4.25 kg (9.35 lb) of magnetic debris each. Additionally, the 10 3/4-in. tool run above them collected another 4.5 kg (9.90lb), bringing the total ferrous debris yield of all magnets in the borehole assembly to 19 kg (41.80 lb).

Well Information
Location Norwegian North Sea Sector
Tool type 7-in. MAGNOSTAR debris recovery magnet tool
Well clean-up measured depth 9,236 ft (2,816 m)
Completion Fluid 1.03 sg (8.58 lb/gal) NaCl packer fluid

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"The 7-in. MAGNOSTAR magnet tool augmented the existing SPECIALIZED TOOLS debris recovery string perfectly, collecting 6 kg (13.2 lb) of ferrous metal debris on the first run. The client requested that the tool be included on all future applicable clean-up runs.”
Iain Whyte
Specialized Tool Engineer