Performance Report: MAGNOSTAR Magnets Run in Conjunction with TCP Guns

Challenge: A North Sea operator planned to workover a chalk appraisal well that was drilled and completed in 2008. The program called for suspending the current 7-in completion with a retrievable plug and afterwards perforate the upper completion to allow short- term oil production from the Forties reservoir. Doing so meant debris removal and protection tools would have to be employed for the first time within the 7-in. liner to protect against falling debris from TCP guns fired from above and inside the 9 ⅝-in casing. The overall objective was to convert the well into a gas injector. M I SWACO was invited to provide debris retrieval / protection tools designed to protect the lower 7-in completion while perforating the 9 ⅝ section.

Solution: M-I SWACO SPECIALIZED TOOLS engineers recommended the following solution to the technical challenge the operated posed: Two 7-in MAGNOSTAR tools to collect any ferrous debris created while perforating the overlying completion; A 7-in WELL PATROLLER, which would be positioned inside 7-in liner to collect any non-ferrous debris created while perforating; One LANDING SUB, Positioned in such a way as to aid in gun space-out; A RAZOR BACK, which would be positioned to scrape the production packer setting zone; Ported Subs: Included to allow string filling and spotting of fluid loss pill.

Result: The 7-in WELL PATROLLER and 7-in MAGNOSTAR tools were picked up and run in hole on nine joints of 3 ½-in. drill pipe prior to picking up the following; Landing Sub; Ported Sub; 9 ⅝-in. MAGNOSTAR; TCP Gun Assembly; Ported Sub; 5 ½-in. drill pipe; RAZOR BACK. Running in hole proceeded trouble-free, stopping only to scrape the production packer setting zone at 7,950ft (2,423 m) MD. Three passes were made over the area to 8,050 ft (2,454 m) MD, thereby insuring the packer setting area was clear of any material that might have affected the setting of the production packer. Running in hole then resumed until at the liner top was tagged with 5 k lb at 9,440 ft (2,877 m) MD. Once space-out was confirmed, an M-I SWACO PERF-N-PEEL pill incorporating NaCl brine was spotted across the perforation zone to afford a means of providing reservoir protection from invasive, formation damaging particulates, as well preventing the loss of completion fluid to the formation. Subsequently the well was perforated with only 0.5 bbl per hour of losses observed. On pulling out of hole, the operator observed all tools were noted to be in good condition with the following debris recovered and recorded: 18 kg (39.6 lb) of swarf and residual gun debris was recovered on the MAGNOSTAR, as shown; WELL PATROLLER was found to be 30% full (approximately 10 kg/ 22 lb) of sludge and non- magnetic debris.

The use of the MAGNOSTAR and WELL PATROLLER tools, in conjunction with the TCP Guns provided the operator with several benefits, including the saving of a trip and the removal of potentially damaging material to the 7-in completion at source.

Download: MAGNOSTAR Magnets Run in Conjunction with TCP Guns (0.57 MB PDF)

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