Performance Report: MAGNOSTAR, WELL COMMANDER Clean Up in Milling Operation

Challenge: After the initial completion of a well in the Mediterranean Sea, the operator encountered a gravel pack failure, which initiated sand production. Consequently, the well was shut in and the operator decided to side track. After selecting the target depth for the window, the operator requested the design of a milling assembly to capture any debris created during the operation.

Solution: Working with the operator and the whipstock provider, M-I SWACO designed a milling string comprising six MAGNOSTARS and a WELL COMMANDER. MAGNOSTAR magnetic tools are high- capacity swarf collection assemblies, designed to capture ferrous material inside its fins, thus preventing the debris from being knocked off the tool during high circulation rates and pulling out of the hole. The WELL COMMANDER is a multi-functioning circulating valve that utilizes a dropped ball to activate and deactivate the tool.

Result: Initially, the assemblies were run in conjunction with the milling equipment to mill the window in the 9 ⅝ in. casing. During the milling operations, the six MAGNOSTARS collected 177 kg (390 lb) of metal swarf and debris. While pulling the string out of the hole, the WELL COMMANDER was placed inside the BOP area. After the activation ball was dropped, the tool was used to wash inside the BOP to ensure no metal debris from the milling operations was lodged in the ram cavities. Once on surface, the assemblies were cleaned, inspected, and approved for re-run. When the mill was back on bottom, it was passed through the window area multiple times to ensure the cutting of a smooth window. Once back on surface, all the tools were cleaned and inspected. The six MAGNOSTARS collected an additional 56 kg (126 lb) of metal debris during the second run, for a cumulative total of 233 kg (514 lb). The company representative on location was very pleased with the results of the operations.

Download: Offshore Egypt: MAGNOSTAR, WELL COMMANDER Clean Up in Milling Operation (0.38 MB PDF)

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“The MAGNOSTAR and WELL COMMANDER technologies deliver star performance in Phase 1 workover milling operation.”
Douglas Crouch
Tool Engineer