Performance Report: High-Capacity MAGNOSTAR Clean-UpTool Continues to Shine in Brazil

Challenge: In preparation for a selective frac pack operation in a deepwater well in Brazil, the operator required a clean-up run to scrape the packer setting depth, dress the production casing and marine riser, in addition to jetting the BOP cavities. The key objective was to complete the operation in a single trip without compromising the effectiveness of the wellbore clean-up operation.

Solution: The M-I SWACO Specialized Tools organization recommended the operator employ a clean-up string featuring the MAGNOSTAR high-capacity magnet tool that had recently been introduced to the Brazilian market. The MAGNOSTAR magnet was engineered specifically for high-torque strings and provides superior magnetic surface area for high volume ferrous debris extraction when circulation alone is insufficient for wellbore clean-up. The tool is ideal for customers requiring a more refined level of cleanliness.

Result: During the single clean-up run the MAGNOSTAR tool collected 31 kg (68.3 lb) of ferrous metal debris. Generally, the debris was relatively small, although larger slivers also were recovered. This stellar performance eliminated additional wellbore cleanup trips and saved valuable rig time.

For this specific operation, the MAGNOSTAR magnet was used in conjunction with additional magnets, PUP scrapers / brushes and an SABS circulating tool. The tool was positioned in the marine riser where the annular velocities are reduced, thereby catching the debris / ferrous metal that was unable to be circulated to surface.

Download: High-Capacity MAGNOSTAR Clean-UpTool Continues to Shine in Brazil (0.48 MB PDF)

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