Case Study: MD-2 Shale Shakers Achieve Average MOC of 34% by Volume, 12.5% by Weight, Abu Dhabi

Dual-deck shakers prove effective at decreasing mud on cuttings and handling high flow rates on offshore drilling operation

Challenge: Recover more fluid from cuttings and ensure longer screen life while handling high flow rates on a jack-up rig offshore Abu Dhabi.

Solution: Test the MD-2 dual-deck shale shaker on the following criteria: mud-on-cuttings (MOC) percent, handling capacity and solids discharge, and screen life.


  • Demonstrated an average MOC of 34% by volume.
  • Handled 900 galUS/min [3,407 L/min] of fluid using two shakers while mud covered less than 50% of the total surface area.
  • Required only one screen changeout during the test operation.
    • An operator working offshore Abu Dhabi sought a shale shaker that would reliably deliver low MOC values, handle high volumes of flow, and longer screen life. It turned to M-I SWACO to help evaluate and deploy the optimal technology.

      MD-2 shaker selected based on operator objectives

      M-I SWACO deployed the MD-2 dual-deck shale shaker based on the operator’s objectives. The MD-2 shaker is designed to augment the fluid process capabilities of shakers and recover extra fluid in a smaller footprint compared with conventional shakers.

      Efficient shaker exceeded customer’s demands

      A retort test was run for a length of 2,500 ft and a bit diameter of 12 1/4 in. MOC retort analyses were performed daily. The total solids discard rate (TSDR) measurement was completed during regular drilling to determine the maximum capacity of the MD-2 shaker. Full flow during regular drilling was diverted to the first MD-2 shaker, and the collection trough was placed under the discard end. Thirty seconds later, the trough was 75% full, and the sample was collected. The TSDR for the first MD-2 shaker was 1.47 lbm/s [0.67 kg/s].

      During drilling operations, two shakers were dressed with API 140 mesh composite screens. The two shakers processed the entire flow rate of 900 galUS/min while the mud covered less than 50% of the surface area. Only one screen required changeout during the operations. At full flow, drilling continued at an ROP of 40–50 ft/h [12–15 m/h], and the two shakers maintained MOC of between 26% and 40% by volume and 9% to 16% by weight with no overspill or runoff.

      Download: ADMA-OPCO Achieves Average 34% MOC by Volume, 12.5% by Weight Using MD-2 Shakers Offshore Abu Dhabi (0.15 MB PDF)

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An Unbeatable Combination for Solids Control

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