Case Study: MD-2 Dual Deck Shaker Cuts Costs, Reduces NPT and Provides Superior Performance Over Competing Shaker in Western Canada

Challenge: The Nabors 55 drilling rig operating in the Gold Creek area of Alberta, Canada included two Derrick^ FLC-503 shakers with performance limitations that forced the company to run a separate cuttings drier system to recover lost oil-based fluid. Volume limitations on one shaker required the rig operator to pull off bottom when checking or changing screens. The conditions increased NPT and daily operating costs. Nabors elected to evaluate the MD-2 dual deck shaker from M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, in an effort to improve solids control efficiency and drilling performance.

Solution: Two MD-2 shakers were installed on the Nabors 55 drilling rig in place of the two Derrick FLC-503 shakers. Solids control equipment also consisted of one centrifuge for processing the active mud system. Objectives included optimizing screen selection, making recommendations to improve solids control efficiency, and training Nabors’ personnel on correct operation of the newly installed equipment.

Result: With the MD-2 shakers, which can operate in progressive and balanced modes of elliptical motion, the rig was able to drill 10 to 20 meters per hour at 2.2 m3/per min throughout the 8.75-in interval. The shakers were operated in normal mode using a progressive elliptical motion whenever possible to increase screen life and discard drier cuttings. The MD-2 shakers utilized finer mesh screens and handled higher flow rates than was previously possible. No NPT was attributed to the MD-2 shakers throughout the duration of the well.

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