Performance Report: South Texas: Single MD-2 Effectively Takes Over for Dual Shakers

Challenge: As the international drilling contractor prepared to drill a 22-in wellbore in the Eagle Ford, the two competitor shakers on the rig would be unable to cost-effectively meet the aggressive drilling requirements. Without an alternative, rates of penetration (ROP) would be restricted and waste haul-off costs excessive.

Solution: M-I SWACO recommended the contractor replace the two existing units with a single MD-2 dual-deck shaker with composite screen technology. Capable of switching on-the-fly between balanced elliptical and progressive elliptical motions as drilling conditions change, the M-I SWACO MD-2 shaker routinely exhibits high-capacity separation, producing drier cuttings and reducing both operational demands and costs.

Result: The MD-2 shale shaker effectively handled 100% of the flow throughout the top-hole section. Though well below its maximum flow-rate capacity, a comparative evaluation showed that the MD-2 handled 658 gpm with only 60% screen coverage on the primary deck, and at a zero-degree deck angle. Though the deck angle could have been raised to 3°, it was maintained at zero to effectively use more screen area and prolong screen life. The dual competitor shakers, on the other hand, had been able to handle only 164 gpm with 75% screen coverage on the primary deck, while running at the units’ maximum 4.5° deck angle. Consequently, the M-I SWACO MD-2 shale shaker allowed the client to maximize flow rate and reach the desired ROP, while at the same time reducing haul off costs appreciably.

Download: Performance Report: South Texas: Single MD-2 Effectively Takes Over for Dual Shakers (0.15 MB PDF)

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