Performance Report: Exemplary Performance and Reliability of Shaker Screens Lowers Project Cost in Russia

Challenge: The project challenge was to provide shaker screens that delivered sustained high performance (solids separation, fluid handling capacity, minimized bypass and minimum whole fluid discharge), improved drilling performance (fluid specifications maintenance, optimum rheological values, high rate of penetration and borehole stability) and also offered extended life. The ultimate goal was to reduce overall operational cost (drilling fluid dilution and consumption).

Solution: M‐I SWACO engineers installed two MONGOOSE PT Shakers and one MONGOOSE PT Mud Cleaner on the rig and perform‐ed a detailed screen life‐consumption monitoring test on one well. For the test an onsite team of solids control and drilling fluid engineers focused on achieving maximum cost and operational efficiencies by addressing the following issues:

  • Proper equipment installation
  • Equipment operational optimization according to the drilling conditions (circulation rate, ROP, lithology, waste generation constraints, etc.)
  • Screen selection to suit operational needs (drilled solids removal, commercial solids retention, etc.)
  • Screen management (cleaning, inspection, repair and re‐use)

Result: Formation types encountered during drilling of the test well included clays, siltstones with sandstone interlayers, dolomites and limestone. No screen change or condition affected solids‐control efficiency or rig‐down time for the entire test period. Screens being tested showed perfect solids‐control efficiency, blinding resistance and durability. Drilled solids content in the fluids was maintained at the level required by the client. As shown in the table, good screen life was achieved on all models. Screen life of some of the models exceeded expectations. Proper maintenance and handling by trained M‐I SWACO personnel played a big role in achieving such exceptional results. Superior fluid handling and solids‐removal capacity characteristic to these screens resulted in overall increased solids control efficiency and achieved a 13% reduction in the cost of drilling fluid chemicals per well.

General Information
Location Russia
Depth 0—3793 m
Bit size 660, 508, 393.3, 295.3 and 215.9 mm
Circulation rate 24.5—50 L/sec
Mud weight 1.04—1.4 SG
Screen type MONGOOSE Pre‐tensioned Composite

Screen typeMean Life, hrBest Life, hr
WMONHC325C 930 1,400
WMONXR200Е 840 1,350
WMONXR120С 800 1,275

This test showed very good performance and reliability of M‐I SWACO screens. Mud properties were kept on a predetermined level without any delays, time gaps and deviations. Screens showed exceptionally good screen life. Long screen life means less overall project cost for the customer.

Download: Exemplary Performance and Reliability of Shaker Screens Lowers Project Cost in Russia (0.49 MB PDF)

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