Performance Report: Texas: LPAC Saves $1 Million in UBD Application

Challenge: A major operator needed a solution that would allow annular back pressure to be held while flow drilling. The well plan was to drill a series of laterals underbalanced, all the while holding near-constant bottomhole pressure during connections.

Solution: M-I SWACO recommended the operator use its LOW PRESSURE AUTOCHOKE CONSOLE (LPAC). The LPAC system is a simplified and technologically advanced method for controlling low surface back pressures. The LPAC was designed specifically to be more efficient, effective and a reliable solution for MPD/UBD drilling applications.

Result: During the drilling phase, the LPAC system held 350 psi back pressure on the casing allowing the operator to strip to the bottom under pressure. With the ability to hold constant wellbore pressure while drilling, the rig was able to reduce the entire drill time by 10 days, thus reducing costs an estimated $1 million. . When the LPAC dialed in on the correct casing pressure, the rate of penetration increased by 15-30 ft/hr (5 -9 m/ hr).

Download: LPAC Saves $1 Million in UBD Application (0.64 MB PDF)

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