Case Study: KI-3878 Corrosion Inhibitor Use Expanded to Encompass Fieldwide Operations

Systematic application mitigates corrosion in flowline and production string, western Canada

Challenge: Prevent and monitor corrosion in flowline and production string in western Canada.

Solution: Systematically apply KI-3878 corrosion inhibitor across the entire field

Result: Reduced line breaks and preserved production equipment.

Evaluating potential corrosion and pipe failures 

An oil and gas producer in western Canada was concerned about flowline and production string failures due to high produced water percentages and acid gas concentrations. To ensure continuous corrosion control throughout its producing fields, the operator sought an effective corrosion monitoring management program and effective corrosion inhibitor for field-wide application.

Implementing KI-3878 corrosion inhibitor 

M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, created a mitigation strategy that encompassed a continuous application of KI-3878 corrosion inhibitor as part of a sound service protocol. A third-party evaluation of KI-3878 inhibitor revealed excellent corrosion mitigation.

The M-I SWACO team performed a thorough system survey and outlined fluid parameters required for laboratory testing, including acid gas concentrations, produced water analyses, and flow regimes. 

Field production parameters were 1.3%–1.5% H2S, 1.0%–3.0% CO2, 45,000 mg/L Cl–, and a laminar flow regime.

The customer’s asset management team ranked every flowline by risk using a pipeline integrity assessment program and digital topography. The lines were grouped into categories for high, medium, and low risk. The two highest-risk lines were monitored using electrical resistance probes, iron and manganese values, and KI-3878 inhibitor residuals from the flowlines. Appropriate pigging was adopted, and the practice was optimized based on lessons learned from previous failures caused by underdeposit corrosion. 

Expanding for fieldwide application

The operations staff and local M-I SWACO representatives held monthly corrosion mitigation meetings. As the oil production staff became more confident with the results, the mitigation program expanded to include the entire field, which benefitted from reductions in servicing and workovers, improvements in production equipment integrity, and fewer line breaks.

Download: KI-3878 Corrosion Inhibitor Use Expanded to Encompass Fieldwide Operations (0.10 MB PDF)

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