Case Study: SAFE-LUBE Lubricant Helps Drill Record Daily Footage

Challenge: An operator in the Gulf of Mexico planned a slot recovery for a deepwater well. During space out and landing of the production tubing for the initial completion, drag approached the tensile strength of the production tubing.

Solution: SAFE-LUBE brine lubricant was introduced as a potential solution. Lab testing indicated a coefficient of friction (CoF) reduction of up to 50% could be achieved with the addition of the SAFE-LUBE product. The operator authorized M‐I SWACO to introduce SAFE-LUBE brine lubricant to reduce friction in the well.

Result: The addition of SAFE-LUBE brine lubricant enabled the operator to pull the production tubing without excessive drag that could have caused expensive damage.

The liner was run freely to bottom much faster than the simulated time without the need of any circulation or rotation, which was critical considering that Inflow Control Devices were placed in the perforated liner.

The Details

With a 3% concentration, the coefficient of friction during drilling was in the range of 0.25-0.30 compared to 0.30-0.40 with 7% concentration of glycol lubricant that was used in the previous well. Despite a top drive failure and inability to rotate during the trip out at total depth, the tripping was trouble free with no excessive drag or over pull and no need to rotate.

Download: SAFE-LUBE Lubricant Helps Drill Record Daily Footage (0.22 MB PDF)

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“SAFE-LUBE additive was found to be the best lubricant additive for the mud system based on lab testing and in the field lower completion assembly was run to bottom over a 10,000 ft horizontal without issue.”
Andrew Jones
Wellbore Productivity Business Development Manager