Performance Report: Haynesville Shale, RHE-USE Plays Substantial Role in Record Well

Challenge: The operator was prepared to drill a well in an area where low-gravity solids were previously extremely difficult to remove. This had a severe impact on offset drilling performance and required spent mud and cuttings be shipped more than 200 miles for disposal.

Solution: Solids control/waste management specialists from M-I SWACO, A Schlumberger Company, recommended the operator employ their new-generation RHE-USE process to completely remove the low-gravity solids to enhance drilling efficiency and reduce disposal costs. The process was used in a 5,659-ft (1,725 m) interval from 10,782 to 16,441 ft (3,286-5,011 m). The patent-pending, chemically-enhanced technology had previously field-proven its capacity to optimize drilling while delivering cuttings suitable for onsite disposal.

Result: By using the RHE-USE process, the operator set a field record, drilling the well five days faster than the best available offset with two fewer trips required. Penetration rates averaged 150 to 160 ft/hr (46-49 m/hr) with the operator suggesting 200 ft/hr (61 m/hr) was very possible. The final LGS was below 1% with larger and firmer cuttings coming across the shakers. From faster drilling to reduced disposal costs the use of RHE-USE technology was credited with saving the operator an estimated $393,590.

Download: Haynesville Shale: RHE-USE Plays Substantial Role in Record Well (0.27 MB PDF)

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