Case Study: First-time Use of HAMMERMILL System Exceeds Operator Needs in Kazakhstan

Challenge: A high-profile project on one of the world’s largest oil developments presented a unique set of logistical circumstances combined with high output requirements in both volume and quality of the process byproducts.

Solution: HAMMERMILL friction desorption unit because it eliminates the need for large surfaces and complex systems for warming a heat-transfer medium, such as hot oil, steam or exhaust gas. The unit is compact, and meets the highest safety and explosion‐proofing standards. The proposed site was surveyed and the intricate 3‐D designs were agreed with the client. Upon completion of the installation as per the 3-D designs the delivery was the Best Available Technology (BAT).

Result: M-I SWACO TCC HAMMERMILL technology delivered the major benefits of limited process temperatures and very short retention time required for complete removal of oil in the solids. This ensures recovery of quality base fluids. The operator considered this thermal desorption technology to be one of the safest available and one of the most efficient in terms of throughput, the quality of oil recovered, and the total percent hydrocarbons (TPH) in the treated solids.


M-I SWACO met the unique set of logistical circumstances combined with high output requirements in both treated cuttings volume and quality of process byproducts for this giant development project with the introduction of friction thermal desorption technology, TCC Hammermill. Based on direct mechanical friction heating using a hammermill, the unit proved to be fast, clean and efficient to run.

Not only did the unit address operator needs for a compact unit that met the highest safety and explosion-proofing standards in this remote location, this solution proved its efficiency in terms of throughput, quality of oil recovered, and TPH in the treated solids. Survey of site before installation of TCC Hammermill system.

Download: First-time Use of HAMMERMILL System Exceeds Operator Needs (0.70 MB PDF)

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"The ability of CE-marked, ATEX-certified friction desorption technology to be applied in remote and harsh environments with emphasis placed on improving health and safety concerns during the process makes this a first-class option for oil-base cuttings remediation.”
Andy Murray
Business Line Manager