Case Study: WELL COMMANDER valve controls mud losses, saves Brazil operator $1 million

Challenge: Offset well data suggested the operator could expect lost circulation problems while drilling the 8 ½-in. interval. Controlling losses would require coarse lost circulation material (LCM) treatments. The operator required a method of placing these treatments that would not affect the directional drilling equipment in the bottom hole assembly.

Solution: A 7-in. OD WELL COMMANDER tool, complete with back-up and relevant ball catcher, was recommended to be used in the drillstring to provide an alternate circulating path around the bottomhole assembly. The client agreed to try the WELL COMMANDER tool on a trial basis.

Result: While drilling the 8 ½ in. interval, losses were encountered at two different depths. Each time the WELL COMMANDER valve was opened and the bottomhole assembly was isolated before pumping 100 bbl (15.9 m3) coarse LCM treatments. Losses of 600 bbl/hr (95.4 m3/hr) and 300 bbl/hr (47.7 m3/hr) were reduced to 50 bbl/hr (7.95 m3/hr) and 30 bbl/hr (4.8 m3/hr), respectively. Once losses were reduced to these acceptable levels, drilling proceeded without the expensive time consuming trips used on the offset project.

Download: WELL COMMANDER valve controls mud losses, saves Brazil operator $1 million (0.31 MB PDF)

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“The client approved use of the WELL COMMANDER tool on the mutual understanding it would be of a trial nature. Over the next few days the client found the tool to be highly effective in dealing with mud losses in the well.”
Alex Drennan
Area Manager LAM ABBC