Case Study: Well Commander enhances hole cleaning in challenging milling/fishing job

Challenge: An operator in the Holland sector of the North Sea was attempting to set a 5 in. liner when the liner running tool failed, thus preventing the packer from being set. Consequently, the liner was left in hole, leading the operator to decide to mill the liner to a point that would enable fishing the remaining length.

Solution: M-I SWACO recommended running the Well Commander circulating valve in the milling string to boost annular velocities, thereby enabling mud conditioning at an increased flow rate, while boosting annular velocities (AV) to facilitate hole cleaning.

Result: Over the course of the milling/fishing operations, the 5 in. Well Commander valve was run in the hole five times and activated a total of ten times. The 7 in. and 9 ⅝ in. Magnostar HD tools recovered a cumulative total of 96 kg (212 lb) ferrous debris from the well during the milling / fishing operations.

Download: Well Commander enhances hole cleaning in challenging milling/fishing job (0.21 MB PDF)

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“Our customer was extremely happy with the performance of the Well Commander, especially with being able to re-run the tool, even after jarring when the BHA was stuck. The operator also was exceptionally pleased with the Magnostar HD tools and have requested they be used in upcoming jobs.”
Leon Sol
Area Manager Europe
M-I SWACO Specialized Tools