Case Study: WELL SCAVENGER Tool Once Again Successfully Removes Debris Above Packer Plugs in Four-Zone Recompletion

Challenge: The operator planned to recomplete four zones on this well, with all zones to be re-perforated, gravel packed and returned to production. Before the Schlumberger packer plug retrieval tool could pull the packer plugs above each zone, intentionally spotted ceramic gravel pack sand as well as gun debris needed to be removed completely.

Solution: After successfully completing a prior well, Schlumberger and M-I SWACO Specialized Tools suggested utilizing the WELL SCAVENGER vacuum system for removing all sand placed on top of the plugs. The Well Scavenger device is a modular tool run on the end of a work string to create a localized reverse circulation flow path that picks up and traps small pieces of debris (e.g. sand, scale, etc) inside internal debris chambers and remove them from the well.

Result: All four runs were extremely efficient, resulting in the successful removal of the intentionally spotted ceramic proppant and gun debris. Afterwards, all of the packer plugs were retrieved without incident. The four runs recovered a total of 99.00 kg (217.8 lb) of ceramic proppant and gun debris.

The Details

The engine module generated a high-velocity reverse circulation that picked up perforation fragments and gun debris that otherwise would not be have been circulated out of the hole without the use of a high flow rate and/or viscous fluid. Although these jets create a high-velocity flow, they do so within the tool body, thus protecting sensitive areas such as casing perforations and formation.

Download: WELL SCAVENGER Tool Once Again Successfully Removes Debris (1.00 MB PDF)

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“The WELL SCAVENGER tool proved to be very efficient on the second well in the Adriatic Sea as each clean up run was performed with less than 25 minutes of total circulating time. Integrating this work with Schlumberger will continue to reap tremendous value.”
Mark Trimble
Business Development Manager
Houston, Texas