Case Study: Successes Continue for WELL SCAVENGER Tool as it Removes Debris Above Packer Plugs on Two More Wells

Challenge: The operator targeted two wells for recompletion, with four zones on the first well and two on the second. All of the six zones were to be re-perforated, gravel packed, and returned to production. Prior to pulling the packer plugs above each zone with a Schlumberger packer plug retrieving tool, it was imperative that intentionally spotted ceramic gravel pack sand as well as gun debris be removed completely.

Solution: After successfully completing two prior wells, Schlumberger and M-I SWACO Specialized Tools suggested utilizing the WELL SCAVENGER vacuum system for removing all sand placed on top of the plugs.

Result: Six very successful clean-up runs with the WELL SCAVENGER tool resulted in a wellbore free of all ceramic proppant and perforation gun debris. All clean up runs were extremely efficient, resulting in the successful removal of the spotted ceramic proppant and gun debris, allowing retrieval of each packer plug without incident.

Download: Successes continue for WELL SCAVENGER tool as it removes debris (0.68 MB PDF)

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“After completing four wells with a total of 14 clean up runs, we are very pleased with the performance of the WELL SCAVENGER tools in the Adriatic Sea.”
Mark Trimble
Business Development Manager
Houston, Texas