Case Study: Highly Efficient Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Saves 10 Hours of
Rig Time

eFire-TCP firing head delivers successful perforations in a partially nitrogen-cushioned well

Challenge: Reduce the time needed to activate tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) guns while eliminating high pressure in nitrogen-filled surface lines.

Solution: Use eFire-TCP tubing-conveyed perforating electronic firing head and automatic gun release to expedite perforation operations.

Result: Saved 10 hours of rig time with successful activation and release of firing heads in the first attempt without multiple slickline runs.

Avoid multiple runs using the eFire-TCP system

An operator offshore Australia faced two major challenges while planning perforating operations. First, the well required a nitrogen cushion to achieve appropriate underbalance. This meant that using conventional pressure-activated firing heads with activation pressures of approximately 5,000 psi would require high pressure in the nitrogen-filled surface lines and increase operational risk.

The next challenge was to eliminate the use of live guns during completion operations and avoid multiple slickline runs. Running the guns conventionally without firing heads and then using slickline for their installation would require about 10 hours of rig-up and rig-down time.

Achieve quality perforations in a single trip

Schlumberger perforating domain experts conducted a perforation analysis on the well and recommended the best-suited TCP gun system and firing head combination.

The eFire-TCP tubing-conveyed perforating electronic firing head for tubing-conveyed perforating was selected because of its long battery life, an advantage considering the time needed to complete the well before perforating. The eFire-TCP firing head can also be used with a nitrogen cushion, and it uses low-level coded pressure pulses that are insensitive to the high pressures while testing the tubing and casing, as well as setting the packer.

A SXAR explosive automatic gun release with X-Tools perforating gun-activated completion tools technology was selected to allow the guns to drop to the bottom of the well at the moment of detonation. By releasing the guns, production intervals could be accessed easily.

Save rig time with safer, more efficient perforating

With the eFire-TCP firing head, the operator achieved safer operations by using low nitrogen pressure commands for detonation and by not having to pressurize nitrogen-filled surface lines. Further operational successes included activation of the firing heads on the first attempt and eliminating slickline runs and the associated risk of getting the slickline stuck in the well, which ultimately saved the client 10 hours of rig time.

Download: Highly Efficient Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Saves 10 Hours of Rig Time (0.23 MB PDF)

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