Case study: Optimized Stressed-Rock Penetration Improves Productivity up to 23% in Southern Mexico

Using PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating shaped charges reduces operational risk and streamlines intervention efficiency

Challenge: Improve efficiency and reduce operational risk of performing interventions in complex completions.

Solution: Use penetration-optimized PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating shaped charges, which enables switching from exposed guns that are less robust and introduce significant debris during the perforating operation to smaller, more reliable hollow carrier perforating guns.

Result: Increased field productivity between 13% and 23% in two fields while concurrently reducing operational risk.

Reducing operational risk while maintaining production quotas

Maintaining production quotas for some oil fields can require frequent interventions in the wells. Most of these are rigless operations to add, expand, or reperforate producing intervals. Subsequent interventions in producing wells are conducted through the production tree. The well geometry and mechanical characteristics of the tree, including sleeves, mandrels, valves, and other accessories, add complexity and limit which perforating systems can be deployed.

When perforating in big casing sizes, but running through tubing in small restrictions, the preferred guns are exposed systems (disposable and semidisposable) because they can deliver a better productivity ratio than an equally sized enclosed hollow carrier gun. However, the exposed gun components make these perforating systems more vulnerable to operational complications and result in higher levels of debris left in the hole.

Combining PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating shaped charges with HSD high shot density gun systems

An optimal perforating system is one that minimizes total damage (pseudoskin) and achieves penetration that bypasses the damaged zone created during drilling and well completion. It must also be properly phased for the perforations to cover the reservoir radially and with uniform density across the entire thickness of the hydrocarbon-bearing zones.

HSD high shot density hollow carrier perforating gun systems loaded with the new PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating shaped charges can deliver this level of performance. Instead of the conventional industry approach of optimizing shaped charge design in concrete targets, PowerJet Nova charges are designed using real rock targets at reservoir stress conditions to optimize penetration. The result is improved penetration in stressed rock with up to 50% more formation contact than previous-generation deep penetrating shaped charges. This high-level performance means smaller-sized hollow carrier guns can be used, reducing the operational risk.

Increasing production while optimizing efficiency

PowerJet Nova shaped charges were recently used in well interventions in two fields in the Southern Region of Mexico with both conventional exposed gun systems and nonexposed HSD hollow carrier gun systems.

In Field A, five wells were perforated, one with a combination of exposed and HSD gun systems. The resulting average production of these intervals was 157 bbl/d, while the normal field average is 139 bbl/d.

In Field B, production results after perforating in four wells, two with both exposed gunsand HSD gun systems, were 119 bbl/d, while the average field production is 97 bbl/d.

In addition to the productivity increases, using PowerJet Nova charges with hollow carrier guns instead of exposed guns also improved operations through

  • greater operational efficiency by reducing the likelihood of potential failures
  • reduced amounts of debris left in the hole.

Hollow carrier guns loaded with PowerJet Nova charges are combinable with the PURE perforating system for creating dynamic underbalance.

Download: Optimized Stressed-Rock Penetration Improves Productivity up to 23% in Southern Mexico (0.33 MB PDF)

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Perforating System Reduces Operational Risk in Complex Completions

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