Maximize Productivity and Minimize Cleanup Time When Perforating Production Wells

MAXR gun anchor provides optimum perforating solution for Australian producers

Challenge: Maximize productivity and minimize cleanup time when perforating production wells.

Solution: Enable underbalanced perforating of production wells for a perforation-to-production process that does not expose formations to kill fluids.

Result: Provided a highly reliable, completing without-killing perforation technique that minimized formation damage, maximized productivity, and reduced cleanup time by approximately 6 h per well.

Perforating solution maximizes productivity and minimizes cleanup time

Conventional perforating generally entails electric-line runs in overbalanced or balanced environments that can result in formation damage, lengthy cleanups, and diminished productivity. Furthermore, when cable strength limitations restrict the size and length of guns, producers can be forced to perforate using multiple runs with undersized guns.

Underbalanced perforating eliminates the need for kill fluids

The MAXR auto release gun anchor is used to anchor optimum-sized HSD* high shot density gun strings in production wells prior to completion. This enables underbalanced perforating of the entire pay zone simultaneously, leading to a perforation-to-production process that does not expose formations to kill fluids.

The MAXR anchor is run into the hole with electric line, coiled tubing, or drillpipe, and is set with standard setting equipment, such as that used for packers or bridge plugs.

The anchor can be used in conventional completions where the guns and firing head assembly are run independently of the completion string assembly so that the end of the completion string is positioned well above the guns.

When the firing head is actuated and sets off the detonating cord through the MAXR anchor, the perforating-gun-activated release mechanism automatically retracts the slips. The anchor and gun string drop to the bottom of the well, leaving the pipe clear of restrictions. The MAXR anchor and the guns can be fished easily whenever necessary.

If the guns and the anchor need to be dropped in case of an emergency, a mechanical backup release can be actuated by slickline (jar up) or drillpipe stinger (jar down).

100% success rate achieved over the past decade for Australian producers

The highly reliable MAXR system has provided an optimum perforating solution in Australian and New Zealand production wells. It has minimized formation damage and skin maximized productivity, and reduced rig time required for clean up by approximately 6 h per well.

Since its first Australian run in 1995, the MAXR, system has performed in 125 perforating job, anchoring gun strings as long as 781 ft [238 m] in wells that deviated as much as 87° and were as hot as 390 degF [199 degC]. Recently, the MAXR operated successfully even after it had been left downhole for nearly 80 days at 195 degF [91 degC].

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