Case Study: Extra Deep Penetrating Charge Improves Fracture Treatment in the Woodford Shale

PFrac Nova premium penetration and enlarged perforation tunnel increases treating rate while reducing treating pressure

Challenge: Improve fracture stimulation in a high-pressure well in the Woodford Shale.

Solution: Perforate with PFrac Nova perforating charge for wells requiring fracture stimulation to deliver an enlarged perforation tunnel with premium penetration.

Result: Improved the treating rate by 20%; reduced the treating pressure by 8% compared with a nearby offset well.

High treating pressures affect stimulation treatment

An operator in Oklahoma was unable to achieve desired treating rates in the Woodford Shale due to high treating pressures encountered at rates below the stimulation design. Optimized perforation penetration was needed to create larger perforating tunnels and to improve the operator’s treating rates.

Rock-optimized charge improves fracture stimulation

The operator chose Schlumberger’s new PFrac Nova perforating charge, which was developed for reservoirs requiring fracture or matrix stimulation. This new perforating charge delivers improved perforation tunnel geometry and premium penetration in tight formations. Perforation performance has been verified through stressed-rock test shots conducted at the Schlumberger Productivity Enhancement Research Facility in Rosharon, Texas.

Fracture stimulation placed as designed

Two nearby wells were designed to be fracture stimulated at 100 bbl/min and 10,700 psi. The first well was perforated with conventionally shaped charges and fracture stimulated at an average rate of 81 bbl/min, with an average treatment pressure of 10,659 psi for all stages. The treating rate was well below the design of 100 bbl/min, which can lead to poor proppant placement, increased risk of screenout, and poor reservoir contact, resulting in reduced productivity of the newly created fracture network.

The second well was perforated with PFrac Nova perforating charges and fracture stimulated at 97 bbl/min, with an average treatment pressure of 9,765 psi for all stages. All proppant was placed and the job was pumped as per design specifications.

Download: Extra Deep Penetrating Charge Improves Fracture Treatment in the Woodford Shale (0.52 MB PDF)

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