Case Study: High-Deviation Gas Well Perforated in a Single Run

PowerJet Omega deep-penetrating charges save over 8 hours of rig time

Challenge: Optimize penetration in horizontal development wells; perforate efficiently in gas wells with 87˚ deviation.

Solution: Use PowerJet Omega deep penetrating perforating shaped charges for maximum formation penetration.

Result: Saved between 8 and 10 hours of rig time by perforating a 179-ft [54.5-meter] interval in a single run.

Optimum perforation needed in high-deviation environment

OGDCL drilled horizontal development wells in Qadirpur, a gas field with high capacity but challenging high deviations. Such high levels of deviation made conventional perforation techniques unsuccessful, and operations showed some wells had deviation as high as 87°. The client needed a perforating solution to optimize penetration to meet its production objectives.

TCP guns with PowerJet Omega charges perforate effectively in one run

After consultation with Schlumberger, OGDCL chose to use tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) guns with PowerJet Omega perforating charges to meet their objectives. Hydraulic-delay firing (HDF) heads were used in redundant configuration to ensure the operation’s success. On average, PowerJet Omega shaped charges produce a 20% increase in penetration depth compared with the performance of previous-generation shaped charges.

Single-run perforating saved hours of rig time

The PowerJet Omega perforating system, used with HDF heads, allowed OGDCL to perforate their 179-ft [54.5-meter] interval in a single run, saving between 8 and 10 hours of rig time. Based on the successful perforation of the first well, the PowerJet Omega system was applied to a second OGDCL with the same effective perforation results.

Download: High-Deviation Gas Well Perforated in a Single Run (0.17 MB PDF)

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