Case Study: PURE System Improves Productivity and Saves USD 300,000

Dynamic underbalance perforating delivers less skin and more production than conventional perforating

Challenge: Improve well productivity index by reducing formation damage associated with conventional perforations.

Solution: Use PURE clean perforations system for to create dynamic underbalance condition to minimize perforation-induced skin.

Result: Increased productivity index more than 100% compared with conventional perforating; saved USD 300,000 in stimulation costs.

Conventional perforating caused well formation damage and low productivity

Three gas wells were drilled and tested in the Far East. Two wells used static underbalance perforating, and the third was perforated in an overbalance condition. The wells’ productivity was much less than expected because of excessive skin; pressure-transient analysis showed that the total skin of the the three wells was about 100. For a fourth well to be drilled, the operator needed a perforation solution that would improve productivity.

Dynamic underbalance with PURE system was selected as solution

To address the high skin factor, Schlumberger proposed using the PURE perforating system to deliver clean perforations via dynamic underbalance conditions. The PURE perforating system exploits the transient underbalance that occurs immediately after perforating and creates a large underbalance that absorbs perforation debris into the gun chambers, minimizing skin and leaving an obstruction-free path for gas flow.

After using SPAN Schlumberger perforating analysis to evaluate the properties and geometry of both the wellbore and reservoir, Schlumberger designed a specific gun-string configuration to perforate with greater efficiency.

Clean perforations and minimized skin levels doubled productivity index and cut costs

After the PURE system was used to perforate the well, the downhole pressure and surface well test data showed a skin value of 30, whereas the total skin in the previous wells was about 100. Well productivity increased more than 100% in the well perforated using the PURE system, not only increasing gas production but reducing the cost of well stimulation used to remove the damaged zone. The customer saved an estimated USD 300,000 in stimulation costs. Using the PURE system satisfied the customer’s productivity objectives, and its next two wells will also be completed with dynamic underbalance by using the PURE system.

Download: PURE System Improves Productivity and Saves USD 300,000 (0.13 MB PDF)

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