Case Study: Flow Scanner System’s Flow Profiling on Tractor Gains 1,300-bbl/d Oil

MaxTRAC wireline tractor conveyance used in North Sea horizontal well in identifying water entry

Challenge: Identify water entry for setting a plug in a North Sea horizontal well with a high water cut.

Solution: Convey Flow Scanner horizontal and deviated well production logging system on the MaxTRAC downhole wireline tractor to efficiently and quickly identify the water entry point through real-time data review and interpretation.

Result: Increased oil production by 1,300 bbl/d after setting a plug based on the flow profile.

Brownfield with 85% water cut

Water cut in a horizontal well in the North Sea had increased to 85%, making it a candidate for water shutoff. The oil reserves in the completed zones meant a potential increase in the oil rate if the water production could be stopped. However, conditions in the highly deviated well were beyond the capability of conventional production logging tools.

Accurate flow profiling in real time

Designed specifically for three-phase production logging, the Flow Scanner horizontal and deviated well production logging system uses innovative electrical and optical sensors in contact with all phases. The direct measurements differentiate water, hydrocarbon, and gas. Regardless of phase mixing or recirculation, complex flow regimes are quantified and profiled in real time to deliver a better understanding of downhole phase dynamics.

The MaxTRAC wireline tractor was selected for efficiently conveying the Flow Scanner system in the horizontal well because it enables data acquisition in both down and up passes. The surface-controlled tractor also easily traverses changes in hole diameter and negotiates complex completions.

1,300-bbl/d gain in oil production

The down-logging capability of the MaxTRAC tractor combined with real-time data review and interpretation made it possible to optimize the logging program to include fewer passes than conventional surveys. A plug was set for zonal isolation based on the Flow Scanner system’s flow profile, and initial rates indicate that oil production has increased more than 1,300 bbl/d.

Download: Flow Scanner Flow Profiling Gains 1,300-bbl/d Oil (0.70 MB PDF)

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Multiphase Logging Pinpoints Water Entry for Shutoff

Flow Scanner multiphase logging on tractor pinpointed water entry.
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"With such a long length of tractoring (24,000 ft), it was good to prove this technology in the field. We were especially pleased with the data quality, the communication with [Schlumberger] and the rig team, and the promptness of your interpretation."
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