Case Study: Smith Bits Advanced Services Engineering (ASE) Group Recommendations Contribute to Savings of USD 50 Million While Drilling Deepwater Well

Transformed offsets of 110-day exploration well to TD in under 60 days

Challenge: Maximize ROP and minimize the cost of drilling operations in a major, newly discovered offshore field with the potential to increase its country’s reserves by 50%.

Solution: Use the Smith Bits ASE group to optimize drillbit selection as part of the well plan, organize bit maintenance and inventory, and advise on drilling parameters on a daily basis.

Result: Reduced the average time for drilling a well by nearly half, compared to the first subsalt exploration well drilled in the new field.

Operator needed to minimize drilling costs in newly discovered field

An operator faced numerous challenges in a newly discovered oil and gas field offshore and sought an external analysis for drillbit selection, as well as the day-to-day requirements for maintaining superior performance and minimizing drilling costs. Located in deep water with complex well objectives, the field required the most sophisticated offshore rigs with daily operational costs of up to USD 1 million. One of the first wells drilled in the subsalt exploration program had taken 110 days to reach TD. Because of the high stakes, the operator needed rigorous advance planning to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Bit recommendations and operational advice enhanced efficiency

The operator selected the Smith Bits ASE group because of its established reputation for lowering drilling costs by improving drilling performance. This is accomplished through engineered bit recommendations and operational advice based upon the technologies and operating parameters best suited for a particular application. To research, analyze, and evaluate bit performance, the ASE team considers the entire drilling environment including the formation, the components of the BHA, drilling fluids, rig capabilities, rig crew, well plan and any special drilling objectives. Measurable goals are established and a postwell analysis determines the success of the plan and makes suggestions for future wells.

The ASE team recommended the optimal drillbit technology that would increase overall drilling efficiency. With continued communication, the operator was able to organize an application-specific bit inventory, ensuring the availability of the best bit for the job.

ASE team proposals nearly halved the time to reach TD

Following the plan of action proposed by the ASE team, the operator has drilled several wells in the new field with significant savings, attaining TD in fewer days and with continuous ROP improvement. Subsequent wells similar to the 110-day subsalt exploration well reached the same TD in under 60 days.

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Advanced Deepwater Well Planning Reduced Average Well Drilling Time

Average time for drilling a deepwater well reduced by nearly half.
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