Case Study: Chesapeake Improves Footage per Bit and ROP in Abrasive Formation with ONYX 360 Rolling PDC Cutters

The operator deployed bits with 16-mm rolling cutters to increase bit run length and ROP compared with 13-mm rolling-cutter and fixed-cutter bits, Oklahoma

Challenge: Improve footage and ROP per bit while drilling horizontal laterals in Oklahoma’s abrasive Colony Wash play.

Solution: Deploy bits fitted with 16-mm ONYX 360 rolling PDC cutters to maintain an efficient cutting structure for improved run length and ROP.

Result: Increased footage and ROP across three wells in the same play. Drilled the highest ROP for a Colony Wash lateral using 16-mm rolling PDC cutter bits.

Increase footage per bit in horizontal laterals

Chesapeake sought a more efficient strategy to drill the 6 1/8-in section of Oklahoma’s Colony Wash play after averaging more than six bits per horizontal lateral (roughly 5,000 ft). The abrasive formation causes severe wear with associated trips out of hole to replace the bit. The operator wanted to increase footage and reduce the number of trips while maintaining a reasonable ROP for lower overall well cost.

The operator has been active in Washita County, Oklahoma, since 2009, so 6 1/8-in lateral runs in the same play in offset wells are present for comparison.

Withstand abrasion for continued cutting efficiency

To mitigate the abrasiveness for the Colony Wash formation and maintain an efficient cutting structure, Schlumberger recommended that Chesapeake deploy the 16-mm ONYX 360 cutter bit from Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company. The IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform was used to determine the bit design best-suited to meet the operator’s lateral drilling needs.

Improved run length and ROP with rolling PDC cutter bits

In three wells in Chesapeake’s Colony Wash play operation, bits fitted with 16-mm ONYX 360 cutters increased footage and ROP compared with offset bit runs. On the first well in the series, the operator ran a 6 1/8-in bit fitted with 16-mm ONYX 360 cutters and drilled the greatest footage (2,885 ft) at the highest ROP (21.1 ft/h) in the lateral.

Following these results, Chesapeake chose to run the same bit design on its next well. The bit fitted with 16-mm ONYX 360 cutters was initially run first, but was pulled green for a BHA change; the bit later drilled the lateral to TD. The bit that drilled to TD exhibited improved dull grading (1-0-WT-TD) compared with bits run previously in the well that were pulled due to poor penetration rates.

On the third well, 16-mm ONYX 360 cutters enabled Chesapeake to begin drilling the lateral at a record ROP for the Colony Wash play; the bit drilled 4,175 ft at a rate of 23.3 ft/h. These combined results informed the operator’s decision to continue running bits with 16-mm rolling PDC cutters on future wells in the same formation.

Download: Chesapeake Improves Footage per Bit and ROP in Abrasive Formation with ONYX 360 Rolling PDC Cutters (0.11 MB PDF)

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ONYX 360 Rolling PDC Cutters Increase Bit Run Length and ROP

Chesapeake Improves Footage per Bit and ROP in Abrasive Formation with ONYX 360 Rolling PDC Cutters
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ONYX 360 Rolling PDC Cutters—Drill Farther

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When compared with fixed-cutter-only bits, PDC bits that included ONYX 360 rolling cutters demonstrated run length increases of up to 57%, resulting in fewer bit trips and lower drilling costs.
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