Case Study: ONYX II PDC Cutters and SHARC Bit Increase ROP 19% in Eastern Siberian Oilfield

Bit builds interval in single run, breaks ROP and distance records

Challenge: Drill an 8 1/2-in directional interval in an eastern Siberian oilfield in a single run, with good directional control and high ROP through hard, interbedded sequences of carbonate and evaporate formations.

Solution: Run an IDEAS-designed 8 1/2-in SHARC MDSi716 drill bit with ONYX II cutters on a PowerDrive vorteX RSS drilling assembly.

Result: Delivered shoe-to-shoe performance and increased average ROP by 19%. Set new field distance and ROP records.

Field-proven SHARC PDC cutting structure makes performance stepchange with ONYX II cutters

An operator in east Siberia has continuously improved its drilling performance over the last five years by evolving the BHA design from tungsten carbide insert (TCI) drill bits run on positive displacement motors (PDM) to using PDC drill bits on PDM powered RSS drive systems. Economics associated with the powered RSS systems required a PDC drill bit provide a shoe-to-shoe run with maximum ROP.

The 8 1/2-in SHARC high-abrasion resistance PDC drill bit cutting structure was initially selected after an IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform analysis showed the SHARC bit to be stable for the proposed PowerDrive vorteX powered RSS drilling system in the target formations. The initial field tests of the SHARC MDSi716 with standard PDC cutters confirmed the IDEAS analysis by delivering shoe-to-shoe runs, but still left room for improvement in ROP.

To reduce wear rate on the PDC cutting structure, ONYX II PDC cutters were added to the already field-proven SHARC drillbit design. With ONYX II PDC cutters, the drill bit retained a sharp edge for the entire interval, increasing ROP by an average of 19% compared with the remaining offsets while still drilling shoe-to-shoe on all runs. The 8 1/2-in MDSi716 with ONYX II cutters set two separate field records: the longest interval drilled at a distance of 2,645 m and the fastest shoe-to-shoe interval drilled at 33.2 m/h.

Download: ONYX II PDC Cutters and SHARC Bit Increase ROP 19% in Eastern Siberian Oilfield (0.73 MB PDF)

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SHARC Bit with ONYX II Cutters Delivers Shoe-to-Shoe Runs, Sets New Records

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