Case Study: TAQA Saves 1 Day, USD 635,000 Running StingBlade Bit with PowerDrive X6 RSS

Integrated BHA saves a bit trip and increases reservoir ROP by 200% in hard, abrasive offshore formation, the Netherlands

Challenge: Drill a directional section from shoe to TD in one run through hard, abrasive reservoir located in highly interbedded group.

Solution: Customize a StingBlade conical diamond element bit using the IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform; deploy bit with PowerDrive X6 RSS in an integrated BHA configuration.


  • Drilled 1,279 ft at a 200% ROP increase, the reservoir’s longest and fastest single bit run.
  • Built from 26° to 39° inclination while maintaining good steerability and toolface control.
  • Eliminated a bit trip, saving 1 day of drilling and more than USD 635,000.

Drillbit performance limited in abrasive formation

The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, PJSC (TAQA) planned to drill a directional well offshore the Netherlands from shoe to TD in one run in the hard and abrasive Bunter Sand reservoir of the Upper Germanic Trias Group. This area is composed of highly interbedded claystone, anhydrite, and dolomite layers with long sequences of siltstone and sandstone. In offset wells, both PDC and diamond-impregnated drill bits were used to drill through the transitioning formations to TD. This resulted in multiple bit trips and additional drilling time and costs.

Customized BHA delivers integrated solution

Engineers from Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, used the IDEAS platform to model how the PowerDrive X6 RSS would interact with a StingBlade bit. Additionally, the platform was used to strategically place Stinger conical diamond elements across the face of the StingBlade bit based on the specific drilling and formation parameters. The Stinger elements’ 3D conical shape fails high-compressive-strength rock with a concentrated point load that fails the formation through a plowing mechanism, which delivers longer footage runs at optimal drilling speed. The elements also have a thicker diamond layer for maximum strength and durability.

Eliminated bit trip and increased ROP by 200% save rig day and costs

The StingBlade bit and PowerDrive X6 RSS drilled 1,279 ft—the longest single bit run in the reservoir—eliminating a trip and increasing ROP by 200%. As a result, TAQA saved 1 drilling day and more than USD 635,000. Further, the StingBlade bit and RSS built from 26° inclination to 39° while maintaining very good steerability and toolface control.

Download: TAQA Saves 1 Day, USD 635,000 Running StingBlade Bit with PowerDrive X6 RSS (0.19 MB PDF)

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StingBlade Bit with PowerDrive X6 RSS Increase Reservoir ROP

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