Date: 2/23/2018


Operation HEWD: On Point

A customer team was running a postjob analysis on the data from the hole-enlargement-while-drilling (HEWD) operation they’d just completed in South America. They had seen the data come in real time because the operation required constant monitoring for signs of impact damage, shocks, lateral vibrations, and severe stick/slip events.

The plan was to underream while drilling a well through long interval, which contained hard and abrasive lithologies, such as interbedded sandstone and shale, marl with shale lenses, and calcilutite stringers in the underlying salt.

The interbedded formations were hard and abrasive,
and posed a great danger to the cutter block.

While planning, the operator understood that these lithologies could be hazardous if the right tools weren’t selected. Schlumberger suggested using a reamer with a StingBlock advanced stabilization conical element cutter block, which reduces vibration and excessive damage to the cutter block and BHA. It’s staged-gauge pad design and the unique geometry of Stinger conical diamond elements more evenly distribute the forces of the cutter block, enhancing stability and reducing lateral displacement and vibration to deliver a concentrated point load on the rock. After the operator deployed the cutter block and formed a joint team to monitor for signs of possible hazards.

Then, the results of the analysis came in.

With the StingBlock cutter block, the operator decimated the formation, drilling 964.5 ft [294-m] through the hard and abrasive postsalt interval—55% higher than the goal set by the operator—and achieving an average ROP of 17.22 ft/h [5.25 m/h]—110% higher than subsequent runs with the conventional cutter block. They experienced improved durability and reduced lateral vibration and stick/slip events by using the StingBlock cutter block.

Love this story? Read the case study here: StingBlock Cutter Block Improved HEWD Performance for Large-Bore Presalt Well, Offshore South America

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