Case Study: BG-Group Australia Optimizes Business Process and Regulatory Requirements for Major Assets

Seabed and ProSource technology help manage ground water baseline assessment data

Challenge: Reduce data quality uncertainty within complex architecture by replacing inefficient legacy data management tool and improve data access, accuracy, integration, and regulatory compliance.

Solution: Implement a bespoke, integrated, ground water baseline data management solution for an unconventional asset using Seabed E&P open data model and database, and ProSource E&P data management and delivery system.


  • Established secure corporate data management system
  • Introduced comprehensive data audit trail
  • Enforced business rules on data quality and data integrity, for improved governmental compliance

QGC, a BG-Group business, is a leading coal seam gas explorer and producer in Australia.The company is focused on establishing the world’s first project to convert coal seam gas into liquefied natural gas. The QGC Water Management team was using an existing legacy tool to store baseline assessment data that was not scalable to cope with the fast growing volumes of information. It was evident that a more robust solution was needed to handle the data complexities associated with baseline assessment and the challenges of complying with governmental reporting requirements addressing both operational and environmental concerns. The main goal was to find a more modern, efficient data management solution to better manage the company’s ground water sampling data.

Combined approach

A combination of the ProSource system and the Seabed model and database was implemented at QGC. This fit for purpose pairing of technologies was selected to efficiently integrate and manage the varied types of data needed for reporting efficiency, including property and land owner information, borehole details, construction and equipment information, assessment and scheduling details, water level measurements, water samples, quality analysis data, and internal or regulatory reports.

The project, dubbed the ‘Ground Water Data Management Solution’(GWDMS) leveraged sophisticated technology to develop best practices and workflows to successfully create a system with which to easily manage and administer the company’s data landscape. Users can easily create new properties with details of property owners, transfer property to a new ownership, create boreholes and aquifers associated with an existing property, schedule assessment activities, update assessment information, and upload original and supplementary datasets for all data types. The system also allows easy management of borehole construction details, water level and quality analysis data, and allows swift generation of internal and external governmental reports.

Ongoing benefits

The implementation of the GWDMS has given QGC the means to build integrated workflows to efficiently manage ground water sampling data, and subsurface data. It can also generate essential reports much faster and more accurately. The scalable solution can grow with QGC’s rapidly expanding business needs, and has improved data quality and introduced a solid audit trail by holding original and supplementary datasets in two distinct and secure environments. Productivity has been improved through better integration across the business, with stronger adherence to industry best practices for data security, quality, and governance.

Download: BG-Group Australia Optimizes Business Process and Regulatory Requirements for Major Assets (0.51 MB PDF)

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Optimized Business Processes and Reporting

QGC groundwater sampling and reporting business processGWDMS user interface, provided by ProSource Enterprise
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