Case Study: SNPC Integrates Seismic and Well Data Sources for Fast, Secure Access

Web portal facilitates economic and risk analysis of E&P information to promote investment in Congolese oil and gas resources

Challenge: Set up a centralized database to consolidate all Congolese seismic and well data in support of growing oil and gas exploration and production; ensure safe, direct, and user-friendly access to real-time E&P information for high-quality decision making by geoscientists and investors.

Solution: Provide an information management (IM) solution that correlates data from various databases; design a secure Web-based front end as the single data access point, integrating the user workspace and allowing individual workspace customization, as well as customized economic and risk analysis reports.

Result: Established an integrated national data repository to more easily find and report on the Congo’s oil and gas domain data; ensured that users can view all data types and data sources from a shared workspace; allowed potential investors to quickly access proprietary information regarding leases and other relevant information—from any location.

Manage growth of oil and gas domain

The Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (SNPC) is a young company, established in 1998 after the dissolution of the public company Hydro-Congo. SNPC’s objective is to become the major player in the Congolese E&P domain and to promote itself as one of the first oil companies in sub-Saharan Africa. Toward that end, SNPC seeks partnerships with foreign companies to participate in oil and gas exploration and production in the Congo.

SNPC also serves as a national data repository (NDR) for the development and effective management of Congolese oil and gas information. The NDR collects and manages Congolese E&P data spanning the past 40 years. This data continues to grow because of new oil and gas companies based in the Congo, as well as new data warehouse companies and service companies outside the Congo (e.g., Europe and the United States). The wide array of information is needed to effectively monitor all E&P activities in the Congo, to manage the lease bidding process in a fair and timely manner, and to develop new E&P projects through promoting the country’s oil and gas resources.

With the Database department overseeing all projects, including large geological and reservoir studies, SNPC felt it was critical to have easy, fast, and secure access to extensive E&P data sources. Therefore, a major goal was to provide an integrated online workspace with controlled access to the growing number of additional data repositories available to support licensing rounds and ongoing E&P activities.

Design a Web-based portal

Schlumberger worked with the NDR technical director to solve SNPC’s information management issues.

Together, they designed a user-friendly Web portal that permits

  • easy data access to Congolese oil and gas data during project development
  • fast, strategic decision making to ensure on-time lease bids and attribution.

The new portal allows end-users to easily view data from many information sources via one logon by linking several E&P databases to a single access point:

  • Finder corporate data management system
  • LogDB log data storage and retrieval software
  • ProSource Seismic data management software
  • eSearch software for physical data management.

The Web portal was further optimized by granting users the ability to customize their own workspace according to personal preferences they can set and change, as needed. Users can also generate customized economic and risk analysis reports to make informed decisions about projects and investments.

Improved data management and information access

SNPC now has an integrated national data repository with a Web-based portal, which has greatly improved information management, reporting, and communication of the expanding Congolese oil and gas domain. Geoscientists, management, the Hydrocarbons Minister, the Financial Minister, the Plan Minister, and the International Monetary Fund share a common data access point to all of the same information sources. Potential investors worldwide also have easy and secure access to any type of E&P data pertaining to the Congo—whenever and however they need to view it—for performing quick analysis and making sound bidding decisions.

Download: SNPC Integrates Seismic and Well Data Sources for Fast, Secure Access (0.20 MB PDF)

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Web Portal Promotes Investment

The Congo area of interest in sub-Saharan Africa.Single access point to all E&P data repositories via an integrated Web portal.
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“We have gained efficiencies with quick access to all geological study data and the ability to easily edit reports for management, partners, and sponsors. The added customization of economic and risk reports is particularly useful to our business planning needs.”
Louis Andzouono
Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo

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