Case Study: AbrasiFRAC Technology Saves USD 750,000 in Completion Costs

Multizone stimulation technique reduces completion time in South Texas while maintaining production flow

Challenge: Reduce multizone completion time and cost while preserving well production.

Solution: Used AbrasiFRAC technology to perforate the casing and cement sheath and stimulate multiple intervals in a single field operation.

Result: Saved USD 750,000 in completion costs while maintaining a production flow equal to offset wells completed with traditional techniques.

Time-intensive techniques

Apache Corporation wanted to find a reliable way to reduce the time and cost involved in completing a multizone well in South Texas. Traditional approaches to completion achieved acceptable production results but required 2 or more weeks per well.

With conventional techniques, the operator is limited to stimulating one interval at a time, using composite plug isolation with flowback between each stage. Schlumberger recommended using the AbrasiFRAC stimulation service, which allows the operator to perforate and stimulate multiple intervals in a single field operation in a fraction of the time required with conventional techniques.

Speed and efficiency

AbrasiFRAC technology enables accurate placement of fracturing treatments down the coiled tubing (CT) annulus. Using this technology, fractures can be initiated with a significantly lower pressure, reducing pumping requirements.

A coiled tubing workstring is used to position a specially designed ABRASIJET gun, through which a slurry containing abrasive solids is pumped at high differential pressure. The abrasive material is typically 20/40 or 100 mesh fracturing sand. The resulting high-velocity fluid stream perforates tubulars and any surrounding cement sheath.

Once the perforations are cut, the fracture stimulation is pumped down the casing through the CT annulus. The stimulation treatment is tailed in with a sand plug that settles out to isolate the recently stimulated zone. If the sand plug is off depth (e.g., too high), the sand plug top can quickly be adjusted as CT is already in the well to facilitate reverse circulation. With the sand plug in place, abrasive jetting begins on the next zone with perforations again being cut through the casing. The process is repeated for as many zones as required, all in one continuous CT stimulation operation.

Significant reduction of time and cost

By using AbrasiFRAC technology, Apache saved approximately USD 750,000 in completion costs, with a resulting production flow equal to offset wells completed with traditional techniques.

The job went as planned, and, based on its success, Apache is continuing to use this innovative technology for completions in the South Texas area.

About the Contact Family

AbrasiFRAC technology is part of the intervention category of the Contact* four-category portfolio of staged fracturing and completion services. These technologies maximize reservoir contact by offering the most efficient and effective services for each well. The contact intervention category enables multiple stages to be perforated/jetted, fractured, and isolated in one intervention. Contact services can be enhanced with real-time measurement options.

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