Case Study: Matrix Acidizing Treatment Helps PEMEX Increase Oil Production 45% and Gain USD 134,000 Per Day

OilSEEKER acid diverter reduces water cut from 28% to 1.6% in highly damaged Gulf of Mexico well

Challenge: Improve oil production from naturally fractured formation without increasing water cut.

Solution: Use OilSEEKER diverter to divert stimulation fluid from water-saturated zones and into the pay zones.

Result: Increased oil production 45%, valued at approximately USD 134,000 per day, decreased water cut from 28% to 1.6%, and reduced skin value from +10 to –2.

PEMEX saw unexpectedly high water production from new well in Kuil field

While drilling an offshore well in a high-temperature, naturally fractured carbonate formation, PEMEX encountered severe lost circulation, losing more than 12,000 bbl of mud into the formation. PEMEX controlled these severe losses by adding CaCO3 solids to the oil-base drilling fluid, however the lost circulation material resulted in formation damage. Testing showed an estimated skin value of +10 on a 1 1/2-in choke, but initial oil production reached 5,880 bbl/d. Shortly, water production grew to 28%, impeding oil flow. To increase oil production and reduce water cut in this critical well, PEMEX partnered with Schlumberger for a matrix acidizing treatment.

OilSEEKER acid diverter plugged high-water-cut zones

Schlumberger lab engineers performed extensive compatibility tests with drilling mud and oil samples to recommend a suitable acidizing plan for the well. Schlumberger applied OilSEEKER acid diverting agent to selectively stimulate hydrocarbon zones. Then, a blend of organic acids were pumped to penetrate pay zones. Nitfrified fluids were used to enhance performance and well cleanup.

PEMEX increased oil production 45%, realized additional USD 134,000 per day

Skin value decreased to –2, indicating enhanced well productivity. Post-treatment NODAL analysis showed oil production rates of 8,579 bbl/d with 1.6% water cut through a 1 1/2-in choke. The 45% production increase was valued at approximately USD 134,000 per day. “OilSEEKER diverter has made an important contribution to our matrix stimulation treatments in naturally fractured, high-productivity wells,” said Nemesio Miguel-Hernandez, Design and Evaluation Coordinator, PEMEX. “In the last two years, the stimulation jobs conducted with OilSEEKER diverter have consistently increased oil production while reducing water cut.” As a result of the matrix acidizing treatment, Schlumberger became the preferred stimulation services provider for new PEMEX wells throughout the Kuil oilfield—and the region.

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OilSEEKER Diverter Reduces Skin Damage and Water Cut

Matrix Acidizing Treatment Helps PEMEX Increase Oil Production 45% and Gain USD 134,000 Per Day
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Selectively Plug High-Water Saturation Zones

OilSEEKER High-Water-Cut Acidizing Diverter
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