Case Study: PhaseTester Meter Allows ONGC to Simultaneously Test Five Wells Offshore India in 16 Hours

Mobile testing technology enables three-phase flow rate measurement and production enhancement plan without prior fluid separation

Challenge: Perform simultaneous three-phase well tests at a remote, unmanned platform while ensuring reliable results.

Solution: Use the PhaseTester portable multiphase well testing equipment to perform a multiple choke study and obtain real-time three-phase test results without separation.

Result: Successfully tested five wells in 16 hours while remotely monitoring production in real time.

Remote offshore well requires real-time multiphase testing

ONGC constructed an unmanned, remote platform in the Bassein & Satellite field located offshore Mumbai. At the time of development, the platform was constructed with minimum facility and a projected life of about 5 years. All of ONGC's wells in the field were initially tested in 2002, and those test results had been used as a reference ever since. When gas demand increased, ONGC wanted to increase the choke size and plan an efficient workover program for the wells. However, because each well's production data at that time was not reliable, reservoir engineering and management decisions were difficult to make with certainty.

Mobile multiphase meter quantifies real-time data without separation

After consulting with Schlumberger, ONGC chose to test the wells using PhaseTester equipment with Vx multiphase well testing technology and perform simultaneous testing operations while the rig was drilling a nonpay zone at an adjacent well.

Meter successfully, accurately tests wells in 16 hours

Twenty hours after the equipment arrived at the offshore platform, the well services team was ready to begin testing. InterACT connectivity, collaboration, and information system was used to monitor the test from the office, enabling the ONGC team to make real-time decisions. All 5 offshore wells were comprehensively tested in 16 hours.

Download: PhaseTester Meter Allows ONGC to Simultaneously Test Five Wells Offshore India in 16 Hours (0.58 MB PDF)

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Real-time, remote flow rate measurements from PhaseTester equipment with Vx technology
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"The mobile PhaseTester meter was the perfect solution to our production challenges, which included well testing at our remote platform with minimum facility, limited space, and a lack of power supply; collecting single-phase samples in the absence of test separators; and back allocation production for reservoir engineering and management purposes."
B.K. Patnaik
Deputy General Manager (Production)