Case Study: 12,500 bbl of Reusable Condensates Recovered for Resale During GOM Decommissioning

Offshore operator uses biodegradable gel pig and treated sea water to push production fluids from pipeline for onshore recovery

Challenge: Remove produced fluid from an offshore pipeline that has three different ODs and is due to be hydrotested and abandoned.

Solution: Use ConcentraGel gel pig technology and HydroHib P corrosion inhibitor to push condensate out of an offshore pipeline into temporary storage containers onshore.

Result: Recovered 12,500 bbl of sellable condensate from the pipeline system.

Maximize recovery from variable-ID piping

An operator needed to hydrotest and then abandon an offshore gathering system in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). The system consisted of one flowline with two different outer dimensions lines: 6-in-OD flowline that was 450 ft long, which tied into a 10-in-OD flowline that was 1,452 ft long. These two lines flowed from a single well platform to a production header on the main platform. The total production then departed the main platform to shore in 20-in-OD pipeline that was 71,913 ft long.

Deploy pig technology for condensate capture

Schlumberger proposed using ConcentraGel gel pig technology to act as a spacer to remove the stagnant production fluid from each line. HydroHib P corrosion inhibitor was used to treat seawater to help push the pig. The objective was push the gel pig through the 6-in, 10-in, and 20-in pipeline, forcing production-line contents to a temporary storage tank onshore. Once each line was filled, the operator performed and completed a hydrotest, then abandoned the system. The team then separated the hydrocarbons from the recovered fluids in the onshore storage tank for resale.

Recover resellable content for improved economics

ConcentraGel technology maintained a robust seal against the pipe wall in all three lines, and HydroHib P corrosion inhibitor successfully treated seawater for economical pipeline cleaning. The operator recovered approximately 12,500 bbl of sellable condensate from the system, improving the project’s operational economics.

Download: 12,500 bbl of Reusable Condensates Recovered for Resale During GOM Decommissioning (0.39 MB PDF)

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Successful Condensate
Capture and Recovery

12,500 bbl of Reusable Condensates Recovered for Resale During GOM Decommissioning
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