Case Study: Eni Australia Achieves Reservoir Fluid Sampling and Analysis Objectives in 347-degF Well

SCAR sampling enables collection of contaminant-free, single-phase reservoir fluids samples with 7.5 days of downhole exposure time and 100% success rate

Challenge: Obtain contamination-free single-phase samples in high-temperature offshore environment to get accurate reservoir fluid property measurements.

Solution: Deploy high-temperature-rated SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling.

Result: Captured representative gas and gas condensate samples with 7.5 days of downhole exposure time from 347-degF reservoir with zero contamination, enabling reliable fluid property measurements.

Fluid sampling required in high-temperature reservoir test

Eni Australia required a full downhole test of a high-temperature, offshore well to obtain representative fluid property data. The field development decisions depended on rapid delivery of fluids data.

Representative sampling technique deployed

Schlumberger recommended deploying high-temperature-rated SCAR-conveyed sampling, which ensures that contaminant-free, representative samples are captured during the downhole test. SCAR sampling conveyed eight slimline single-phase reservoir samplers (SLS) , which included four nonreactive samplers coated with Dursan™. Once recovered at surface, seven of the samples were transferred to an onshore laboratory for PVT analysis, and one sample was bled down for representative onsite measurements.

Improved decisions leveraged with quality data

The high-quality, contaminant-free samples collected from the HT well enabled Eni to derive reliable fluid property results. Representative fluid property data helped improve understanding of hydrocarbon phase behavior as well as trace elements. The sampling operation enabled acquisition of data that helped ensure the economic feasibility and front-end facility design could be evaluated, which is a key factor for deciding the overall field development plan.

Download: Eni Australia Achieves Reservoir Fluid Sampling and Analysis Objectives in 347-degF Well (0.76 MB PDF)

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SCAR Inline Independent Reservoir Fluid Sampling
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