Case Study: High-Resolution Pressure Measurements in Extreme Environment Help Confirm Reservoir’s Viability

Signature quartz gauges withstand high temperatures for the duration of a 15-day test to deliver conclusive data

Challenge: Obtain representative pressure measurements in hostile conditions for comprehensive reservoir evaluation.

Solution: Use the reliable Signature quartz gauges to deliver accurate, high-resolution data throughout offshore well testing operations.

Result: Acquired high-quality bottomhole measurements used to evaluate reservoir’s potential.

More-representative pressure measurements

To test the commercial potential of an offshore reservoir, Gujarat State Petroleum Company (GSPC) India needed high-quality bottomhole pressure measurements in conditions where pressures of 13,800 psi and temperatures between 410 and 420 degF were expected. Conventional gauges would need to be positioned at a distance from the extreme temperatures of the reservoir to increase their chances of survival in the hostile environment.

GSPC wanted to obtain more-representative pressure measurements for the duration of their test. This would mean using gauges that could be run closer to the test zone to acquire better pressure measurements and reduce wellbore storage effects.

Reliable quartz gauge performance

Schlumberger used Signature quartz gauges in a gauge carrier to provide continuous high-temperature pressure measurements during the downhole test, which lasted 15 days. The Signature gauges’ durability allowed GSPC to position the gauges at a depth of 5,108 meters—1,750 meters closer to the reservoir than conventional gauges.

Accurate measurements across entire test

With accurate, high-resolution measurements recorded throughout the fifteen-day test, GSPC gained conclusive interpretation results. The gauges’ superior reliability in the harshest conditions prevented the need for a repeat test, enabling GSPC to confirm the reservoir’s ability to deliver commercial flow rates and to meet their test objectives the first time.

Download: High-Resolution Pressure Measurements in Extreme Environment Help Confirm Reservoir’s Viability (0.64 MB PDF)

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Signature Quartz Gauge 15-Day HPHT Well Test
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